What is Douche and is Douching Safe?

Vaginal douching is washing the vagina with water mixed with fluids to eliminate odors, and also clean the vagina. Most time vinegar is mixed with water then some package douche products contain baking soda, iodine, antiseptics, and fragrance.

Three in ten women between the ages of 15 and 44 use douches regularly. One recent study found that teenagers of all ethnicity and races are more likely to douche.

Douching has many side effects like burning and irritation and a lot of complications. Most of these complications you’re trying to cover up like bad odour will only worsen.

How does this douching work?

I would have taught you if it was a good thing but since it is not let’s move ahead.

Some common reason women use douches are:

  • To eliminate unpleasant odour.
  • To prevent pregnancy (I don’t know where they get that idea from).
  • For washing away menstrual blood after period or semen after sex.
  • To avoid sexual transmitted infection

Please, douching those not do any of these things. Please beware

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Is it SAFE?

Your vagina has a natural healthy pH balance. It’s filled with vagina flora, that helps stop infection, and prevent irritation.

Risks of Douching:

Douching upsets your vagina’s natural healthy environment and you could end up with severe consequences. This includes:

Pregnancy problem:

Women who douche will have issue giving birth. They are likely to experience Ectopic pregnancy, miscarriages. They will also experience difficulty getting pregnant.


Most women use douches to prevent vaginal odour and infection not knowing they are making the matter worse. A healthy pH bacteria prevent yeast infections, eliminating the natural balance with douche will let the yeast grow very well. Douching while you have vaginal infection will only worsen the situation and make the infection spread to other parts your reproductive system.

Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID):

It is caused by sexually transmitted infections (STIs) it’s an infection that is normally developed in the reproductive organs. Douching increases the risk of PID, women with history of PID do have difficulty getting pregnant.


It is also the result of STIs, its an inflammation of the cervix, women who douche are more likely to develop this condition.

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What is Douche and is Douching Safe?

How to clean your vagina safely

The best way to clean vagina is to simple wash during a bath or shower. Soap is not necessary, stop using soap or any scented chemicals in your vagina it will irritate the skin of your genital. If you must use soap use mild ones on the surface of the vagina not the inside.

How to prevent vaginal odour

All vaginas have natural odor, every woman with a different odor. In case you have a very strong odor due to exercise, sex or infection.

Here is a simple step to follow:
  • Proper hygiene: always wash your genital very clean regularly, avoid soap that irritate the sensitive skin.
  • Wear cottons under garment: always wear cotton under garment which is breathable and can wick away sweat and other fluid.
  • Stop using harsh cleaners: don’t use harsh cleaner like douches or any other cleaner in your vagina. It can upset your vagina pH balance, and cause infection.


Please my beautiful aunties, and mummies your vagina is self — cleaning. Its design to eliminate semen, blood, and other fluid through natural discharges. Please you don’t need any harsh washes to clean it, it is design that way by God. If you experience any unusual odor please don’t use douche, or any other washes please visit your doctor. Douching only complicate matters and make it worse.

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