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6 Signs He is About To Dump You By Adesewa Adebukola

When a man likes a lady he would make it obvious. Also, when he’s about to leave (dump) her, he would make it obvious as well. It’s really important for ladies to understand their man and know if your man is still interested in you or he’s just looking for a way out.

When a man wants to dump you, it only means one thing; he’s tired of you and he’s just looking for a way out.

I have six signs that show your man is tired of you and might be dumping you soon, so beware

1. He Gets Irritated Easily

When a man is tired of a lady and wants to leave, the mere presence of the lady irritates him. He gets angry easily at everything she does, he always complains about her, always moody when with her. At this stage, he just can’t stand his lady anymore and would be out of that relationship soon, he’s probably just waiting for the right time to leave.

2. Frequent Quarrels

The irritation caused by seeing his lady and the sudden dislike would make quarrels abound in the relationship. The quarrels would be way more frequent than the happiness; at this stage, nothing about the lady interests him and he just wants a way out. Some men even go as far as causing quarrels so they can use it as a way out of the relationship; that’s the height of it.

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3. Sexual Demand

One thing with s*x is that it always reveals a lot; if your man is still in love with you, he would show it during s*x. However, if he has lost the need to be with you, he would look off during sex and he would hardly want to be with you after s*x. When a man is tired of a lady, even the sex can’t keep him.

4. Less Visits

You would hardly get to see that man if he’s looking for a way to dump you; he would give so many reasons to avoid you coming over to his place and he would hardly come over to yours. He doesn’t care about you anymore, so there is probably no point in seeing you.

5. Infrequent Calls

One thing about men is that when they care about a lady, they call frequently, they can’t do without that lady, so they do everything possible to keep in touch; but when that same man is tired of his lady, calls would be so irregular, keeping in touch would be so difficult; he’s looking for a way out of the relationship, so there is nothing you do that would please him anymore.

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6. No PDA

PDA means public display of affection; if you expect a man that wants to dump you to show PDA then you must be dreaming. When a man cares about his lady, he doesn’t mind telling the world but when he gets bored of her and wants to leave, he loses his affection for her.


So you have it, ladies, if your man starts exhibiting these signs then you should know that he would be leaving you sooner than expected.

Men give signs for everything, and without doubt, these signs show that he would be leaving that relationship soon.

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