The Easiest Way To Destroy Your Personal Branding | By Niyi Daniel

As a leadership and personal development coach, I have been able to examined and observed very carefully the mistakes people were making especially when it comes to executing projects for clients which need to be corrected quickly or else you will keep destroying yourself, your team and brand.

One of the mistakes people were making especially leaders is recommending an incompetent and unskilled person to handle a delicate job for clients.

You see, you don’t know the harm you are doing than good when you recommend someone to handle a job on your behalf and the person could not deliver as expected, you are destroying your personal branding.

No one is willing to give you another project when you have disappointed their expectations in the first project no matter how good you are, if your work is not excellently done for your clients to be happy, you will lose many opportunities.

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I understand you are busying doing many things which has taken much of your time but that does not guarantee you to send someone that does not know his onions for the job.

Most of the things that happen to us which we think is responsible by the devil were caused by our negligence and nonchalant attitudes which have deprived of great opportunities that God has prepared and open for our breakthrough in life and destiny.

You need to be careful of the type of people you want to recommend for a job if you won’t be chanced to do the job by yourself because when an incompetent person is recommended the brand of your company is destroyed and it becomes the talk of the town the mistake you have made.

To many entrepreneurs, coach, mentor, leader, and manager of an organization, you must learn to invest qualitatively in your workforce or team for productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.

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build personal branding

The best way to improve your personal branding is to reproduce yourself in others. The joy of leadership is to produce effective, productive and profitable leaders to the society.

Don’t take the investment and development of human capital resources for granted, it is the easiest way to promoting and sustaining your personal branding.

Therefore, be committed to discovering, training, mentoring, promoting and deploying people with your energy, resources and time and by so doing the impact and influence of your personal branding will sustain the test of time and inspire many generations to come.


Niyi Daniel: The Leadership And Personal Development Coach.

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