Our Elites Are Our Problems; We Need a Revolution | By Wole Olubanji

Our Elites Are Our Problems; We Need a Revolution

By Wole Olubanji

President Buhari looked at Dr. Baker and said, “I hope you have a copy of the election results. The constituents, for example, gave me 97% [of the vote] cannot, in all honesty, be treated on some issues with constituencies that gave me 5%.” (Sahara Reporters, 25/7/2015)

Bubu said all of the quoted excerpts on July 22, 2015. That much is enough encouragement to uneducated, impoverished and some criminal elements that the North has no lack of. I am not saying Buhari or the state is sponsoring the attacks. I truly believe that with the unorganised way of, and the spontaneity about the attacks, there is no visible pattern of state sponsorship. More so, I believe the self-interest of the Northern oligarchs would prevent them from embarking on a self-destructive mission.

The Buhari regime has created more Northern billionaires than in the last decade and has strengthened existing ones through contracts and other traditional means of transferring federal patronages. There is still the grand project to privatise refinery and change the owners of the Jonathan-privatised power sector. Strictly business-speaking, none in the Nigerian capitalist establishment would jeopardise all that promises of wealth for an uncertain civil war.

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A tumor was once a healthy cell, before becoming malignant, terrorising other cells and eventually killing its host – it requires no permission and has no scruple. As some of us are confused in the South concerning the crisis and deaths attributed to the herdsmen is the same way I imagine the Northern big men befuddled, when they hustle for train seats to avoid being kidnapped. The Northern elites are greedy lots who have built their base of power on ignorance and poverty for so long. That ignorance has grown from benign to malignant; it has been multiplied by poverty – and it is running southward towards self-preservation.

Our Elites Are Our Problems; We Need a Revolution | By Wole Olubanji

To say there is an expansionist motive behind the clashes in the South is to suggest there is an organised strategy that could only be hatched by the Northern elites. The situation is purely spontaneous. It shows, however, the incapacity of the present political and economic framework of the country to respond to present and growing challenges.

For those who peddle restructuring as the solution to this crisis, I keep wondering how it could be a solution. If you mean by restructuring state economic autonomy, then the practices of plundering of states’ resources should tell you it is not a magic wand. If you mean by restructuring state policing, have you imagined a Fayose with his own police force? Have you imagined an Osun State unable to pay armed men salaries, and the consequence on the civilian population?

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Those who are calling for national confab are at best clowns, and at worst hustlers. Some, not all, are broke and badly require some federal handouts. I wonder what talks you want to hold that have never been held before. If those expensive talks have never yielded any impact before now, what medium has informed you this would be different?

Nigeria is in a situation akin to wild howls for compassion in the jungle, where the big cats and wolves are worried by the spate of savagery, and turned activists. Troublers are speaking for the troubled. Sickening.

There is no magic that can save us. The people have to save themselves from their elites. That is the other troublesome way that could lead to a brighter future for the poor people of this country. The drums of war beaten by disgruntled members of the elites could only end in a war they would supervise from the rear, and benefit from whatever its outcome is. We should take the war to them to save this country for the poor. Our enemies are those in and out of power; those who sit on the resources of this country to serve their ego; and speak down to us about our suffering. We need nothing short of a revolution, not a war for some mentally bereaved gentrified folks.

What else if not revolution? Revolution, the way forward.

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