As an Entrepreneur, What’s Your Perception About Partnership and Investors?

As an Entrepreneur, What’s Your Perception About Partnerships and Investors? By Olamide Yakub Lateef

Let’s quickly address this, as an entrepreneur, you should open your doors and windows to mutually beneficial investors and partnerships. It is an obvious reality that you can not do it alone. Therefore, you need as many partnerships and investors as necessary to keep yourself strong enough for the business chain competition.

There is no big name in the business chain that has ever done it without partnerships and investors; you need them and you will always need them.

For some reasons, some entrepreneurs are scared of participating in partnership and allowing investors to flock in their businesses. However, the sad truth is that that’s the main reason they’re at the lowest level of the chain.

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Investors and partnerships are very important for the survival of your business or company. Investors can come with anything, be it knowledge, link up with significant people, or money or energy or time or anything that you might need. The truth is you don’t and can not have all the capitals company or business requirements to stay at the top of the business competition chain.

You can not do it alone. You need partnerships and investors to keep your company or business at the gradual growing level in the business chain. As you keep the zeal to become successful in your business in mind, you should also keep making more people successful and more people more successful in mind as well and that’s the reason your doors and windows should never be shut at investors and partnerships.

Another misconception about investors and partnerships by startup entrepreneurs is that some think, an investor or partner is just going to jump into the seat in front of their desks at their offices and slam what they need on their table to form partnership or investor agreement.

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However, you need to go out there to bring them in. You will talk to convince them to give you what they have that you need and in return. You give them back that, that you’ve taken from them in multiple folds. Whatever you need, there’s someone out there who has it and wants it to double and your job is to take it from them and return it back to them in folds.

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