Entrepreneurship vs 9am-5pm Job: The Truth You Must Know

Entrepreneurship vs 9am-5pm Job: What Should You Know | By Felix Adesina Adeleke

Young graduates tend to assume that being an entrepreneur is far better than getting a job. While this may be true on its own; we live in an age where jobs are so scarce.

Governments make a mockery of job holders by owing their salaries for months. Entrepreneurs also owe. No one even pays enough. Thus, salary is seen as a bribe to do away with one’s dreams.

Salary is not a bribe to forget your dreams, it prepares you for your dreams. It teaches you that no man can pay you as much as your dreams!

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I expect this post to generate arguments between people who favour entrepreneurship above earning a salary. To make matters worse, it kicks against a popular quote!

Anyways, it’s a cycle. Entrepreneurs employ people and pay salaries. The wise employees make all the mistakes under him and gather enough experience and capital to start the same cycle.

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Now, someone might say ‘I started from scratch’. It’s possible, giving you the benefit of doubt that you did legit business. Meanwhile, someone (friends/family) paid for your many mistakes before you mastered your art.

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All this networking/motivational/faith-based/entrepreneurship talks can be misleading when quoted out of context.

9-5pm job is not a scam. Learn, unlearn and relearn. Takes notes to prepare yourself. Try to learn the trade before you launch one.

Like I have always advised; Do It Shaking and Do It Yourself.

Entrepreneurship or office job? You have the best option to choose your choice. Choose wisely.

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