DAY 25: Change The Old Mentality; Effective Usage of Facebook

“Every social media platform has its uniqueness, learn how to use each platform effectively.”Saminu Abass Ola

Yesterday, I defined social media, gave few examples, stated some advantages and disadvantages. I listed Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Reddit, Digg, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Skype as social platforms I use.

Someone said really? I told him those sites are just a few of social platforms. The sites mentioned above are used by some Nigerians who are into Blogging and other social networking. Majority of Nigerians are used to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

However, the purpose of each social media site differs. Let me start with the engine tool of Mark Zuckerberg which is Facebook.

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Many are on Facebook, don’t even know who is the brain behind it. Facebook is among top social platform with highest users if not the number 1. Facebook was one of the best social platforms. Yes, I used the word ‘was’ and I mean it.

Facebook in its earlier years was fun and enjoyable. Today, I can tell you Facebook is one of the useless social media platforms among the 4 stated above. Are you surprised? That’s a fact. Though Facebook still has a lot of benefits for you as a user.

The aim of the platform has been changed over time and solely focusing on monetization these days. I would have also loved to expatiate but don’t want to bore you with a lengthy article.

Now to my beautiful ladies who take Facebook to display their madness, it is high time you changed that old mentality. To those handsome guys, the platform is not meant for displaying your underwear or snicker. Don’t just go there and publish irrelevant posts.

Today, there are few benefits you can enjoy on Facebook. Promoting your brands by paying Mark Zuckerberg. If you build a group with thousands or millions of members it can be deleted anytime because you are a threat. If you have a page, forget it, Facebook has also limited the pageview, you need to boost it to reach a larger audience.

Moreover, there is still the mentality you need to change. Joining unnecessary groups that won’t add values to your life. Of course, you need to have fun but find the right channels. Join relevant groups that help your career or life.

Personally, I use Facebook only for 4 things as well. Sharing my published contents, posting on the timeline to keep my followers updated, promoting brands, and learning from one beautiful group.

This group is the best I have seen in my life on Facebook. I found it a few months ago but I have gained immensely in all spheres. I will urge you to search ‘SmartBcamp:: Big Business Community‘ and join, I promise, your life will never be the same. God bless John Obidi for this awesome platform.

Every post on the group will inspire and motivate you to achieve your goal. You learn business tips from different people. Let me say intelligent, smart and successful individuals share stories and tips for free to all members.

Finally, know your purpose on Facebook. It is not meant for sharing of Pictures only. Impact lives positively with your posts. Be a reason someone will keep visiting it. Maximize the billions of data of users with Mark Zuckerberg to promote your business and meet potential clients.

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You have been on Facebook for years I can still tell you that you need to learn that platform. It is not too late, visit Udemy and search for a course on Facebook.

Remember, social media can make or mar your life and career. The nude you post today can be a hindrance tomorrow. Therefore, think twice before posting anything. You also have the right to post but think of the consequence in the long run.

To be Continued…


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