The Rise, Fall and Rise of Tiger Woods

This week sports news apart from football has been dominated by the recent victory of Tiger Woods at the Masters. He scooped his Fifth Master. For those who had followed Tiger Woods, this happens to be a rise of a fallen Tiger Woods.

There are so many lessons to be learnt from the life of Tiger Woods; from his initial rise to his fall and to his rise again:

Lesson 1

In life, always have hope as long as you are alive. When there is life, there is hope. Tiger Woods was a determined man that held long to the hope of winning again. There is always hope for the living.

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Lesson 2

No matter how fallen you have become, you can still rise if you want to. No one is beyond redemption. Tiger Woods fell from the top, but He was still able to rise back.

Lesson 3

Never write yourself off even when others have. The greatest tragedy is not people writing you off, it is you writing yourself off.  Tiger Woods would never have risen up again if he had written himself off. What matter is not what people think or say about you but it is what you think, say and believe about yourself.

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Lesson 4

It’s easier to fall but it’s difficult to rise. I think the life story of Tiger Woods perfectly illustrate this. Within weeks, his life has virtually collapsed and he has fallen but look at how hard it was for him to rise up, it took him years.

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Lesson 5

Success has many friends but Failure has few or none. In the past years when Tiger Woods was reigning before he fell, he had so many friends, even his enemies befriend him. The reason is simple: He was on top and highly successful. But once he fell, most of his friends left him. Companies cut ties with him. Even his wife left him. But now that he is back, watch out, they will all come back for him.


There is always a comeback to success when you are so determined. Perfection is not about you not making mistakes, it is what you do after making mistakes. Be determined in life and don’t give up. Don’t give up on yourself when it’s not over. It is over when you give up. Even when you fail, it is not over.

If Tiger Woods could come back, you too could come back. Failing is never the end.

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