Fame | The Wrong Kind of Fame I Never Wanted

Fame | The Wrong Kind of Fame I Never Wanted By Adetoki Pelumi

While growing up, I used to stare at the celebrities on television and wish I could just go into the TV to have a conversation with them. If I couldn’t go into the TV, I wanted to be able to drag them out into my world and talk to them.

I wondered so many times if they would fit into my tiny room which would probably be half the size of their bathroom. If they would feel at home on the very dirty couch that I sat down on to do my homework every day. I wondered if they would want to eat a meal cooked on firewood under a hut outside our house instead of a kitchen. My seven-year-old self wondered about a lot of things.

There was a time I thought about how it would be like to be the daughter of somebody like them. I knew that they were most likely going to be financially stable. Maybe I wouldn’t attend the public school that I attended: where we had to carry our chair and table to school every new term and back to our house when the term was over. Maybe I would have two pieces of meat on my food instead of egg, and I wouldn’t have to bath at the tiny bathroom erected outside our house.

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If wishes were horses, beggars would ride, and I was not a beggar, and wishes weren’t horses. So, I was only able to wonder. I hoped that I would one day grow up and be a famous person. I knew I could only achieve that by going to school and being brilliant so that I could get scholarships. No scholarship meant not going to school because my father did not believe that girl children Should go to school.

So, I had to work hard and eventually, it started to look like my dream could come true. I gained admission into a very popular university in the country and the problem that I was now faced with was how to pay my tuition fees. From the day I graduated from secondary school, I had to do menial jobs to gather enough money.

Things were going my way and it was starting to seem like I might actually be able to gather enough money. Then things went wrong. I went missing…

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I know that my face will probably be shown all over channels in the country because of the
circumstances surrounding my disappearance.

My face will most likely grace every TV in the country almost every few hours, probably about eight times in a day. In a way, I guess I am finally getting famous since so many people will be able to recognize my face.

Unfortunately, this is not what I wanted. This is the wrong kind of fame. I never wanted this…


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