The Fear of Criticism

Many wake up to the alarm they did not want, they wake to see what they did not want to see, they find themselves doing what they did not want. Why? Because of the fear of criticism, they were so concern about what people we say, if they don’t do it. Fear of what people will say at the expense of their own dream, at the detriment of their plans, as sabotage many life.

The majority of people permit relatives, friends and the public at large to influence them that they cannot live their own life, because they fear criticism. Huge numbers of people make mistakes In marriage, relationship and even in selecting job, and go through life miserable and unhappy, because they fear criticism which may follow if they correct the mistake. If you submit to this form of fear you will destroy your ambition and not only that, also you will kill your desire for achievement.

People refuse to take chances in business, because they fear the criticism which may follow if they fail, they really don’t fear failure, they only fear criticism. The fear of criticism is now stronger than the desire for success. Too many people refuse to set high goals for themselves, and even neglect selecting a suitable career, because they fear the criticism of relatives and friends.

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The Fear of Criticism

The fear of criticism as kill many ideas, it has destroyed many plan, many have failed to carry out their assignment, because of the fear of criticism.

One of the greatest struggles in this world today is being stuck with a dead end job, many wake up to an alarm against their will and continue the daily routine they hate, because of fear of criticism which may follow if they want to correct their mistakes. If you keep down with this form of fear it will drain your energy, kill your strength, your enthusiasm, your inherent skills, your dreams and some other values God has placed within you, also it will put you in frustration.

Let me share with you the story of a young boy, by Dale Carnegie who lived above the fear of criticism.

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The Fear of Criticism

The case of Phil Johnson

Phil Johnson’s father owned a laundry, so he gave his son a job hoping the boy will work into the business, but Phil hated the laundry, so he dawdle, loafed, did what he had to do and not lick more. Some days he was absent. His father was so hurt to think he has a shiftless, ambitionless son, that was actually a shamed before his employees.

On day Phil Johnson summon courage to live above criticism and told his father he wanted to be a mechanic. What? Go back to overalls? The old man was shocked but Phil conquer the fear of criticism and had his way. He worked in greasy dungarees. He did much harder work than was required in the laundry, he worked longer hours, and he whistled at his job!

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Also, he took up engineering, learn about engines, puttered with machines and when Phil Johnson died, in 1944, he was president of the Boeing aircraft company, and was making the flying fortresses that helped to win war! If he had let the fear of criticism stuck him with the laundry, what would have happened to him and the laundry, especially after his father’s death?

I suggested the company would have been ruined and he would have hated his life.
Deduce from the story above and make a choice to truly live above fear of criticism and fulfill your dream.

Don’t let any fear hold you down and rob you of your pride, Don’t let fear of criticism from parents, relatives or friends make you do what you don’t want to do, however consider carefully their advice, but at the last, you are the one who has to make the final decision, because, you are the one who will either happy or miserable.

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Final thought

The greatest tragedy is that so many young people never discover what they really want to do” – Mrs Edna Kerr

He who live above the fear of criticism is dangerous – Author

He who conquer the fear of criticism, conquer all. – Author

I fainted yesterday, I can stand today by killing my fear of criticism. – Author

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