DAY 18: Change The Old Mentality; The Fear To Start a Business

The fear of starting a business idea or something that is achievable is a jinx, you need to break it. – Saminu Abass Ola

The fear to start something that can give your life a positive change will kick in, it is left to you to stop it. The syndrome called fear is false but appearing real.

Improving life is everyone’s responsibility it is just how you see your society and the life of others.

Unfortunately, I will need to write tonight on the online business and tomorrow might be the last day on this aspect which would be used to discuss the last website.

However, the reactions from last 3 days’ posts have been impressive. Many people have taken steps and those who are afraid have been encouraged. Fear is not real, you need to break the jinx.

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The most asked question will be treated tonight. Yes, the money you will be making on those sites is dollar currency. How are you going to get the money in your Naira account?

You have no problem. Many Nigerians have made it, so we have a step to follow. It is easier to receive your earnings from these two popular sites.

– Paypal
– Payoneer

Paypal is most used when it comes to online business. It is a globally accepted medium to transact. PayPal enables you to receive and make payments online.

Unfortunately, Nigeria is also limited by Paypal to receive with a Nigeria Paypal account. One of the side effects of people damaging the colour of this country. Many bloggers, webmasters, entrepreneurs, etc have worked and still working on how to make sure Paypal allows Nigeria account to receive funds rather than payments only.

With a Nigeria PayPal account, it is easier to create and connect a Nigeria ATM card to it and good to go for any payment online at a dollar/naira exchange rate.

However, receiving your money earned on those is simple, Nigerians bypass those limitations. That’s why I say there are rules to all games. Many are using US, UK, South Africa etc. Meet people who can help you.

In addition, Payoneer is widely used by Nigerians on the site I will share tomorrow. Personally, I have used the Payoneer account to receive at least $1000 last year. It can be connected to your Nigeria account or sell your funds to those in the online business.

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It is simple to register, follow the procedures and fill in all details. Though you may need a valid ID card to register. Payoneer is a UK based online Bank, therefore, an ATM card will be sent to you via Postal service depending on the address you put in while registering. Well, I still have my Payoneer ATM Card in my wallets.

Finally, the roads have been cleared. You can also contribute to the Nigeria economy with your legit business. Add values to the country online. Don’t join the lazy youths.

The e-world is at your feet maximize it. Though it might be financial freedom class, however, it has been insightful.

To be continued…


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