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Iwo Lost Federal College to Gbongan; Religion & Ignorance Caused it – Hybrid

Iwo Lost Federal College to Gbongan; Youth Ignorance, Religion and Improper Representation Caused it – Lateef yahqub Olamide

Lateef Yahqub Olamide popularly known as Hybrid believes the major reasons why Iwo land is regressing instead of progressing is clear. He said the youth and elders’ ignorance, religion and improper representation have been the major factors.

The Bill: Federal College of Education Gbongan (Establishment) Bill, 2018 (HB. 1376) sponsored by; (Hon. Ayo Omidiran) has already passed the first reading in the house. In any state, the federal government has mandated to have three institutions which could be located among the cities in the state.

The institutions comprise of; 1 federal university, 1 Federal Polytechnic and 1 College of Education. The federal university is located in Ile-Ife which is Obafemi Awolowo University. We also have Federal Polytechnic Ede. Now, the awaiting federal college of education which Iwo land people have longed for is gone to Gbongan land. Hybrid believes people were fed with lies and manipulated truths on projects and development in Iwo by political leaders.

Lateef yahqub said; “Well, I’ve read as many as possible comments and lamentations about the federal college of education that was supposedly thrown to Gbogan instead of Iwo. I might not really be a politically interested fellow but let me tell you all something.

He continued; “This Iwo, I mean the Iwo that I know has two main problems and weaknesses that the political leaders are engaging us from and they are (a) Religion; which everyone thinks is the solution to our development. (b) Youth and Elders ignorance; most of the Iwo youths and the elders hardly have a sound knowledge of what exactly is going on the politics of Iwo what they know most is that they went to meetings.”

“They got fed with LIES and MANIPULATED TRUTHS that these political leaders feed them. They depend and hold on to it without doing their own research to know the veracity of the issue.”

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The problem now is that the bill has been named after Gbongan. It might be difficult for the house to rename for another city. Except a consensus meeting among the representatives takes place. The question now is, will Gbongan representative will be looking and folding his hands then lose such opportunity. Mr Yahqub said religion issue, ignorance of the youth about governance are the major problem.

In his word; Lateef Yahqub said “Now, to our political leaders, I am talking about all of them here. All of them in the sense of whatever political party that they belong know that these two things (Religion and Ignorance) are the two main weaknesses of Iwo, so they leverage on it and bang us hard with it.”

“Some of you might be thinking what links religion with what we are talking about. The fact is everything links it up together. Look out how many Iwo youths are involved in talking about when Waziri issue. How many of them are talking about the issue of the dislocated Federal College of Education, you’d know better about that.”

“Just look into how much power and interest Iwo youths put into talking religion when religion issues occur and compare it to how much interest they put into the governance of the city. It’s absolutely glaring that we’d have a ratio of 90% religion to 30% politics.”

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He continued; “Our leaders know this so they do whatever they like to come back. They beg us in the name of God (religion kicks in). They ask our religious leaders (who also are victims of religion and ignorance) to beg us to vote for someone they know will never be there when the community needs him/her.”

“Let me give you the statistics of Iwo youths that knows actually what politic is, to my best of knowledge, I’ll say, 10% of Iwo youths if not less. So, what we know mostly how to do, is line up during elections, get two to three cups of unfortunate rice and beans and cast our votes for someone that the political leaders have mandated on us. We don’t make choices, we don’t do things for us we mostly do it for them.”

“So, when most of us were lamenting about what happened, I looked back. I knew it started from the Genesis, not now. So, if tomorrow there is yet another opportunity to come to Iwo, don’t be pained that it might as well pass us over. This is because all these representatives that are there be it in the state or federal levels aren’t there because of us because we didn’t vote them in because of us. We voted for them because of our political leaders and our political leaders chose them because of themselves.” He concluded.

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