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Fela Durotoye Revealed #ThisIsWhy 33 Reasons For His Presidential Ambition

Fela Durotoye who recently declared his ambition publicly to run for the 2019 Presidential seat has revealed why. The Chief Executive Officer of the GEMSTONE GROUP, Fela Durotoye, who tagged his reasons for running as #ThisIsWhy on his social media account.

Read #ThisIsWhy Fela Durotoye is running for 2019 Presidential seat.

  1. Over the last few days, I have been overwhelmed and pleasantly surprised by the wave of support that followed my decision to actively participate in the political process by joining the Alliance for a New Nigeria (ANN)
  2. I am honoured by the goodwill of many who feel the time has come for candidates with no ties to the past & are not beneficiaries of selectocracy to lead us into a New Nigeria, I am also grateful to those who doubt in the ability of 1 man to make a difference.
  3. Some have said “Fela should first contest as a LGA Chairman and work his way up, give it a few years before contesting for the Office of President.
  4. I hear you. I understand your concern and I’m not oblivious to the huge challenges that lie before us.
  5. But this is not about Fela Durotoye becoming President.
  6. It’s about triggering a landslide of good people into & within government at all levels who will take the best decisions on behalf of everyone
  7. This is why I set up the RUNNING FOR A NEW NIGERIA MOVEMENT
  8. Perhaps I would be better served, focused on building my business, raising my family, enjoying the comfort and security that my gated community offers while turning a blind eye to the pain and frustration I see in the tired eyes of Nigerians everywhere.
  9. But I can’t pretend I don’t see
  10. That’s why over the last 14 years, I have dedicated my life to building the people that would build the nation as well as be funding many nation-building projects at great personal cost.
  11. As I have said on several platforms; the ordinary citizens of a GREAT nation will always be treated better than the great citizens of an ORDINARY nation.
  12. This is what drives me.
  13. To build a nation where we are all GREAT CITIZENS of a GREAT NATION holding our heads up with pride even as people of African descent across the world were proud to be black as evidenced by the recent Marvel phenomenon, Black Panther.
  14. The sense of pride we all felt about Wakanda is how we can one day feel about Nigeria.
  15. That’s what a desirable nation looks like. That’s the vision of Nigeria I’ve been sharing for the last 14 years
  16. I’m not fighting for any ambition, I’m representing the possibilities of our generation.
  17. Representing you.
  18. I can not, I will not, sit idly by and comment about the problems we face as a nation, thereby creating more problems.
  19. I choose to be a solution to the problem
  20. But I can’t do it alone.
  21. I need you. To run with me. Either by voting or being voted for.
  22. Ask yourself; am I handing over a nation that my children would thank me for or blame me for?
  23. Being young or having experience is not enough to deliver on the opportunities of the 21st century.
  24. All I ask is as questions are daily being asked of me. Ask them also of EVERY CANDIDATE who is running for elective office at all levels.
  25. I ask that as you question my record, question the record of EVERY CANDIDATE
  26. As you question my motives, question the motives of EVERY CANDIDATE
  27. As you inspect my record and see how I have served my nation without holding political office, I would ask that you inspect the record of EVERY CANDIDATE and see what they have done BEFORE and AFTER they held political office.
  28. At the end of the day, I may not earn your vote, but the greatest gift to our nation would be that the best and brightest LEADERS, NOT RULERS would deliver a New Nigeria across all levels which may even one day surpass the fictional country of Wakanda.
  29. Is that not a noble cause?
  30. In a few weeks, I’ll be sharing #ThisIsMyHow. Which are my thoughts about SPECIFIC policy directions as I consult with stakeholders that form our policy teams.
  31. If you’ve never participated in the political process by joining a party. I’d respectfully recommend the Alliance for a New Nigeria (ANN)

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Thank you for taking out the time to hear me out. Have a great day. May God bless you and our Federal Republic of Nigeria

Fela Durotoye


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