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FILSU 2019: Kountry Plays Dirty, Unhealthy Campaign With False Assertions

Com. Kountry and his alleged false assertions

The attention of As-Sulton Campaign Organization (ASCO) has been drawn to a circular making wave, allegedly masterminded by one of the Presidential Aspirants in the forthcoming FILSU election, Mr. Ismail Afeez, popularly and politically known as Kountry.

The circular reads;

“Great Product of Polytechnic

D time is now to put ends to d injustice meted on us at d national headquarters of our union

We constituted d majority yet they are marginalizing us

They used us and dump us

They tagged us as inferior that can not presides the union

This is the tenth years we have produced the president of our union

This is d time to support ourselves and defend ourselves

Let see this as polytechnic agenda


Ordinarily, we at ASCO wouldn’t have join issues with Mr. Kountry because he is a noble personality in the union. He is also a man we hold in high esteem. However, it is pertinent to address the issue he raised as it can be misconstrued by members of the union and indeed the general public even beyond the shores of our land.

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At a time the nation, particularly Iwo Federal Constituency is facing a problem which bothers on our unity as an entity. It is unfortunate that anyone, because of his inordinate ambition to win the election can be toiling the path of division. The claim made by Mr. Kountry was glaringly not made with a good intention but it was rather made to whip up sentiment, sympathy and emotions to accrue votes to himself. Perhaps he is not sure of his capability to win without whipping up negative sentiment.

To set the record straight, as against the claim made by Com. Kountry, the union has had three (3) Presidents in the last ten (10) years who were from Polytechnics and performed credibly well while in office, they were; Malam Ganiyu Saheed Soladoye from Osun State Polytechnic, Iree who was the President in 2008. Mr. Abeeb Kazeem from Federal Polytechnic, Ede was the union numero uno in 2009 and in 2013. It was Com. Ibrahim Akeem, popularly known as Olembe who led the union. It is important to also state that, there was an interregnum of two (2) years in which the union do not have any recognized elected officers in the last 10 years

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Apart from these facts, which are verifiable and sacred, at no point in time in the Union was polytechnic students barned from contesting for any position in the union. They have the same and equal rights with University students and students from all others various higher institution of learning.

In 2014, the Presidential election was between Com. Ayo Adisa, a University student and two (2) other non-university students, Com. Akintobi Ahmad (Asiwaju) and Com. Oshiomhole. Although, Com. Adisa won the election, but the question begging for an answer from Mr. Kountry is that, had the election gone the other way round, would the winner be denied the mandate willingly given to him by Filsuites just because he is not a University student?

In the year that succeeds, the Presidential election was between the Immediate past President of the union, Com. Rabiu Ademola (Lakasera) from Uniosun, distinguished Rt. Hon. Bello Nurudeen Adeniyi (Couprate) and respected Hon. Ishola Shuaib Ejiwale (Hajji) from the prestigious Federal Polytechnic, Ede, the question is, had Hajji won the election that was disrupted, would he have been denied the chance to serve on the premise that he is from a polytechnic? What Com. Kountry has failed to mention or explain to us is how it is possible to allow anyone who loses election to be allowed to serve simply because he is from the polytechnic? Do you circumvent the people’s choice for the sake of equity and equality?

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Even in the last administration under the leadership of Com. Lakasera and the present administration under the leadership of our amiable President, Com. Abeeb Muyiwa Jorjor, polytechnic students are duly represented, holding important positions in the union and that alone makes it delusional to think they have been marginalized. In the same manner, as against the claim Com. Kountry made, there is no verifiable statistics or reliable data to show that the polytechnic students are the one with the majority of students in the union.

It is necessary to add that ASCO holds polytechnic students in high esteem, they have been instrumental to the development of the union since time memorial and they have equal or even more capability and capacity to lead the union than the University students, a practical example is Com. Hajji who has through his unquantifiable attitude and exceptional leadership qualities earns the respect of all Filsuites regardless of age, colour, religion and institution attending/attended.

Com. Kountry needs to be informed that Filsuite knows the history of their union, they are not suffering from collective amnesia like he may be thinking and the sorcery he is trying to use is ill-fated circular to achieve is grounded and dead on arrival.

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When we started at ASCO, we promised to run an issue-based campaign where we will convince all and sundry through intelligent discussion and convincing argument on why our candidate is the best for the job. We promised to run a campaign that is devoid of name calling or jibe throwing, we promise to run a campaign that is devoid of lies, spurious allegations and unsubstantiated claim. We still stand on those promises and we urge Com. Kountry to take a leaf from what we do at ASCO as lies will not do him nor anyone any good.


It is difficult for anyone to walk his way to the heart of the electorate through lies, should that be achieved, no one can rule successful by holding on to lies! Truth is always sacred!



Ogbeni Oguntola Oyeniyi Skrtel


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