FILSU Horror Awards: Integrity & Honesty The Ingredients Balogun Jorjor Lacks

Balogun Jorjor FILSU AWARDS


“If you ever think you are too small to be effective, you’ve never been in bed with a mosquito!” — Wendy Lesko

A land can’t be described as a failure if the elders fail to do it right until the youths trail the same path.

The beautiful and popular statement comrade says is “Posterity shall judge all of us”. I believe the same popular lines above has been said several times by Balogun Jorjor and his stooge.

The likes of Balogun Jorjor has never valued the words “posterity will judge you,” however, it is expedient to value and protect the name of your family and that of yours as well. He has forgotten that his name can be a golden ride for his coming sons and daughters to achieve success.

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Don’t wait until you represent the land at any political office before you contribute your quota for the development of the land. Play your part to make Iwo proud wherever you are. Be a good ambassador. Let your name be a reference point to see Iwo land as a blessed land.

The 2018 leaders of FILSU administration believe their glories is embedded in 1 the year of 2018 when you act without thinking of the consequences of the actions. A few days ago, the same executive members at the Iwo Day organized by the Federation of Iwo Land Students on OAU campus accused me of publishing the negative sides of their administration. I challenged them to mention one, but they kept mute.

With this current situation, is it not sure that this Administration has harmed than good to the union? A few months ago, some executive members were alleged of misappropriation and corruption. Well, that is a ghost affair that doesn’t affect the living soul.

When Integrity and Honesty are what you lack in life, then, you are merely like a dead being renting a room in the living sphere. To all that joined the team to display the show of shame at the FILSU HORROR AWARDS, you have written a history that will forever be in my archive.

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I have worked at different levels with different FILSU executive members year in and year out. Balogun jorjor and others in his administration can testify to my relentless efforts, sacrifice and selfless attitude to always help and contribute my quota. Astonishingly enough, he played a game he would NEVER win.

You are called a cunny being. You are called Jay-Jay Okocha (not trustworthy), you feel proud and act those ways. Balogun jorjor with confidence dancing, jubilating and cheering his loyalists, godfathers, and stooge at the FILSU HORROR AWARDS. He has forgotten some people were cheated which God will fight for them.

One thing is CERTAIN, Keefa Shueba, Rabiu Ademola, Abdullahi AbdulAfees and others will NEVER FORGIVE YOU. The full List of Top 3 of each category will be published in PART 3.



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