FILSU Electoral Ridiculous Prices: An Invitation To Fraud and Corruption

FILSU Electoral Commission and Its Ridiculous Prices: An Invitation To Fraud and Corruption

“Once we rid ourselves of traditional thinking we can get on with creating the future.” — James Bertrand

FILSU National Headquarters at it again.

The Aspirants always keep mute. FILSUites don’t even care about the price. Stakeholders as they called them, prefer the lobbying process than the transparent ground.

The clock is ticking as the election period is approaching again. It has been an excitement when this new set member of the Electoral was finally inaugurated.

The excitement of this newly inaugurated electoral committee did not last as ridiculous prices of election forms were brought up by the committee. FILSUites have bestowed trust upon the committee but this ridiculous prices of the sale of election forms is a cause for alarm.

The incremental index of the sales of form has finally been established as a tradition. In previous elections, same ugly decisions were taking without reversals. At the National level, every decision taken is a final say without criticisms or thinking of the masses.

One thing is I observed, is that every year with a new electoral chairman is an incremental stance. A few of the questions begging for answers are;

  • Why the geometrical incremental price every year?
  • Are the electoral committee members serving the union or their pocket?
  • Is the commission constituted to make profits?

It seems the union will soon be turned a battlefield where fraud and corruption will reside. I believe the elected officers are solely saddled with responsibilities to serve humanity, why the ridiculous fees of the forms before they will attain a position they will serve selflessly. The precious time, efforts and many things will be sacrificed in order to serve the land.

In no time, be expecting the elected officials to engage in fraud and corruption at the national level. In no time, be expecting collusion of executive members, mismanagement, and unaccountability if the same trend of increasing the forms’ price continues. The fraud and corruption almost surfaced this year as a result of a series of allegations leveled against some executive members. The case maybe worsen in the future because of this slogan “Did you know how much I bought the form?”

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Why do you think the governors, chairmen, councilors and other political holders engage in fraud and corruption? In their thinking, they ought to embezzle because they got the nomination forms with thousands of naira, they spent thousands of naira on posters, campaigns, lobbying, meeting stakeholders and vote buying process. From the process of political holders analysed above, if not all majority of it is being done at the FILSU level.

The electoral commission is forcing the aspirants to pay a huge amount for the form of a position to serve the humanity. They also spend on the campaign, lobbying, prostrating and also bribing the so-called stakeholders. BE PREPARED FOR FRAUD AND CORRUPTION at the FILSU National Level.

In my previous warning note, I mean the unheeding one, the increased in the form fee might chase away the dream of competent aspirants which are not financially buoyant. I want the commission to know that all fingers are not equal.

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We should not use this fee to scare away some aspirants who have a vision and good mission for this union. I hope the electoral commission would not shatter the dream of these people.

Furthermore, with this mega-increase in fee, it shows the fairness and equality chances that should be given to all FILSUites have been tampered. The basis of a free and fair election is to give equal chances to all FILSUites.

The tradition excuses the chairmen of electoral commission give is that the incremental is essential to have a free and fair election. Though a successful election requires a financial strength, however, the incremental is ridiculous.

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A former electoral chairman has done the same whereby he failed to give accounts of his stewardship. The avenue as electoral members were used to siphoning the little resources of the union.

I want to believe the electoral commission will not give “Election Materials” as a justification for the ridiculous price. The previous electoral commission claimed no materials were handed to them, will this statement be another same story from the current electoral commission? Were the materials used last year sold? Were the materials kept? If we fail to ask some critical questions, in no time the price will rise to N15,000 or N20,000.

Give us better reasons or justifications for this ridiculous prices of electoral forms. Did the electoral commission present any budget to justify those prices?

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If the commission is constituted as a profit-oriented one, you have the go-ahead to sell the form at any price and make huge profits. If not, must the commission members turn the election period to oil their pockets?

I believe in this commission to conduct the best election of its kind in the history of the union. However, kindly review these fees for the betterment of all the FILSUites and the Union. A former electoral chairman has written his name in the history book. The history shall be written by you, think of what you will write down in the history book.



Saminu Abass is a motivational writer and content publisher. He is also a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife. He is passionate about Social Marketing. Also, he believes in the abilities of others and tends to bring out the hidden potentials in people’s lives through his motivational articles and words of inspiration.

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