FILSU Horror Awards: Balogun Jorjor & His people Deserve Terms of Jail

FILSU Horror Awards Balogun Jorjor

“Nothing amazes me until I found a man who acted foolishly to perish with confidence.” – Saminu Abass Ola

If the power to distribute the glories of people to the rightful owners is given to Balogun Jorjor, he will CERTAINLY sell and exchange them for a penny to his loyalists and Godfathers.

Are you surprised to see such a weird title? Don’t be surprised dear readers, Balogun Jorjor as the president of FILSU National Level and his executive members deserve terms of jail.

A few hours ago, the much noise about the FILSU AWARD cooled down despite the poor planning, management disorder and other irregularities that followed the show. However, poor planning and defects were not bad until the AWARDS Presentation started.

I feel sorry for the type of youth we are grooming in this land. Are those types of Balogun Jorjor and his executive members we refer to as the future of tomorrow? If they are, I will BOLDLY say we have no future.

As I write to you, I will say the FILSU HORROR AWARDS held on the 25th December 2018 is the worst ever scenario I have watched in my life. Let me summarize and call it a SHOW of SHAME. Therefore, I see such shameful act to deserve terms of jail. Though Balogun Jorjor might not be jailed, it is used ironically, BUT Balogun Jorjor and his members should be described as INHUMAN.

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Back to the memory lane, a few days ago I was contacted by the Secretary of the Union (FILSU National Headquarter) in the person of Abubakri Omo Baba Olopa to help in designing a voting platform. I rejected the offer, and I am sure he knew the reason I did. The reason is that the efforts I put on setting up the FILSU website were fruitless. They mismanaged the site which hasn’t motivated me to render any help to the Balogun led administration.

A few hours later, Balogun jorjor and Hammed Ridwan Admin sent messages simultaneously for the same voting platform. After much deliberations and pleading, I reconsidered my position. Day in day out, I have always been disturbed on this voting palaver. Despite the stress, hurdles, efforts and lots of calls and messages of complaints the voting platform were adjusted to the taste bud of our people.

The disturbance of this Balogun Jorjor and his people turned to annoyance for me to the extent of telling them even if I were paid a sum of N100,000 for this work; this stress shouldn’t be as much as this. No doubt, I was helping them for the sake of Iwo land and my love for humanity.

I never knew Balogun jorjor, and his team are the type of individuals that should be called social misfit. I never knew some youths we see as the leaders of tomorrow could publicly act foolishly. Also, I never knew Balogun jorjor would be my most useless being of the year 2018.

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FILSU Administration 2018 should know they have done it WRONG. The sweat of hundreds of people that work day and night tirelessly for this award will never forgive them.

As they say, posterity will judge. I curse the day I met some folks in the 2018 administration led by Balogun Jorjor.

This is the part 1, my next article will reveal how Balogun jorjor manipulated the voting procedures. By God’s grace I will publish the real result of the voting exercise.

TO BE CONTINUED………………………….

SAMINU Abass Ola Writes


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