Twitter Fraudster

A Twitter fraudster meets his Waterloo. One Adesina Temitayo’s identity has finally revealed after defrauding Nigerians thousands of naira.

A popular account on Twitter which is known Mazi was cloned by this fraudster. Mazi with username @AMADICHIMA is one best Nigeria Twitter account on the platform. Mazi is known for his service to humanity. He has helped and saved many lives with his financial contribution. Mazi has financing many businesses, contribution to the Welfare of several patients by paying off their hospital bills and ease hardship of many people.

In his effort to make life better for all Nigerians in respective of religion or tribe. A committee of 3 was inaugurated to oversee the requests of Nigeria with a hashtag being pioneer by Mazi #MaziSaveALife.

Numerous requests on the table and some pressing demands for the committee to attend to. Cheerful givers donated to the cause to save lives of Nigerians.


Mazi tweeted: “We did it!!! Thank you my lovely friends. We have raised 3m Naira in 10 hours. Because of you Femi will walk again (1.7m); Adedayo at 38 will have a child(100k);Ezinne will see( 1.1m) & Mitchell will stop convulsing (75k). We did this without caring about their #MaziSaveALife”

Recently, Mazi announced his departure from Twitter as result of rude behaviour of some people. However, while taking his exit, he said he will leave with a footprint by giving out a sum of 1 million to 20 people.

As Tweeted, Mazi said: “#Mazibybyethread so, peeps, I leave here on Sunday. I will leave same way I came, with a bang. I am giving 1m to 20 persons (50k each). All you have to do is state your case under this thread using the hashtag. Selection and payments will be made on Sunday. Let’s go.”

With this announcement, some meaningful Nigerians wish to join Mazi by contributing to this course. Unfortunately, many fell into the wrong hand, they were defrauded by Adesina Temitope.

Adesina Temitope cloned an account with a name of Mazi (the popular philanthropy) by tweaking the username. Which made many people who wish to contribute to the donation cause. The @AMADICHIMA was easily manipulated by the of “I” that is the letter I and L (small letter L).

Twitter Fraudster and Impersenator

The cloned account was reported to Twitter, unfortunately the social platform administrator said they couldn’t see any violation in such act of Adesina Temitope. A follower of Mazi who also reported the account with amazement could not believe the response he got from Twitter.

“Here’s the report I got @Twitter when I sent a reported against a clone account. We are not safe here anymore.”

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Mazi replied: “Thank you Ebitu! This was exactly my frustration. After sending evidence of fraud being perpetrated in my name plus a dent to my image, I got that annoying response too. What’s the use . At least if one is not here, nobody will fall victim anymore.”

Some who were not still aware of the fake account kept falling for the trap by sending huge money to the fake account created by Adesina Temitope. A lady even claimed the popular philanthropy, Mazi, requested for sex before he could get her a job unknowing it was the fraudster Adesina that is the masquerade requesting for such. While reacting to the incident, Mazi tweeted; “Hello ⁦@Sandra_imeh⁩ , I learnt you said I came to your DM and asked you for sex in exchange for giving you a job? You must have been scammed by that impersonator. ”

The impersonator even scammed a lady of airtime of a sum of N5,000.

She tweeted: “Boss, I even sent that fool 5k Airtime thinking I was just being a loyal fan.. 😭😭😭. After he posted he was in urgent need for Airtime where he was.”

Since Twitter is not ready to do anything on the fake account that has scammed and robbed many of their hard earned money, Mazi vowed to ensure the identity of the impersonator is revealed without involving the police.

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He tweeted: “Trust me, we shall find them. We have sent out word to the underground. Since twitter won’t do nada,we shall take the battle to them. When I get them, I will treat it the street way. You think I sold the street in me when I gave my life to Christ?”

Finally, the scammer who used Mazi’s name to defraud people has been unveiled. The fraudster was tailed and revealed to all. Details of the fraudster are as follows;

Twitter Fraudster

Twitter Fraudster Adesina Temitope

Name: Adesina Temitayo Temitope
Phone number; 08073169536
Address: 7, Ramos Street Surulere, Lagos
IG account @real_jaruma_empire

Beware of the account and other fake account. Few months ago, Femi Otedola as well faced same impersonator issue. Twitter should do the needful by verifying personalities who have done so much for the humanity. At least, it will reduce the occurrence of scam or impersonation.

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