Before You Celebrate The First Half of 2018: Where is Your Focus?

Focus on celebrating

BEFORE YOU CELEBRATE THE FIRST HALF OF 2018: WHERE IS YOUR FOCUS? You need a renewal method to progress in life.

In a few hours, many lives will celebrate the first six months of the year 2018 which means the year has reached the first half. I pray that Almighty God spare our lives to witness it and more months in joy, peace, tranquillity and peace of mind.

As a living being, it is neither your power nor your smartness. Grace and favour of God are what you have received. Many souls have been lost. Many people have died, while some are in the hospitals. The recent happenings here and there are enough to thank God if you are among those who don’t before.

Shower praises unto God you are not a victim, however, the fact that you are not a victim doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pray for the affected and also remember the people in those areas in prayers that God should return peace and tranquillity.

However, before you flood the social media platforms with a celebration of the first half of 2018, ask yourself, where is your focus? Do you even have goals or objectives that require focus? Do you have a dream you are pursuing to make it a reality?

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As a living being, you must have a dream, you should have goals and objectives to achieve. You should be a being with a vision. No doubt, many people at the beginning of this year set goals they want to achieve. Many people after the jubilation on the first day of 2018 made promises that these will be their New Year Resolutions.

Ask yourself today, those promises or goals you set, has anyone been achieved? Why haven’t you achieved those goals? It is pertinent you assess yourself today because before you know this year would have been running out. If you haven’t set any goal it is not too late to set now.

We all have big dreams, we fantasize and want this or that, the problem we have is the required actions to make it a reality. A dream without actionable acts to be a reality is like an abandoned project that lacks execution. No need to take actions if your dreams must be realized.

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In life, to achieve anything or any goal you need to prioritize three (3) things.

1- Planning
2- Operations/Actions
3- Evaluation/Assessment

For any goal or objective to be achieved you must take cognizance of those 3 things above.

You need to start with plans, after planning you need actions. Without actions or operations, the set goals or the planning will be futile. Though all plans might not be achievable, therefore, there is a need to evaluate or assess your progress so far.

You need to focus on your life. You must not let noises and distractions make you miss your roads. Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take run off your goals. If you haven’t been facing obstacles you are on the wrong path.

Feed your focus, starve your distraction and suffer your obstacles by focusing on your objectives.

Therefore, look at other ways not the distraction side because it will attract you. The noise at the distracting centre will want to take away your strong voice to the success land. Focusing on your goals helps to eliminate distractions.

Don’t just make plans, you need to act. Don’t just make resolutions focus on actionable things to achieve them. Therefore, don’t just wish or fantasize, work hard to make it a reality. Focus on the major things and refuse the minor distractions on your road.

The key to progress is the focus.
The key to success is the focus.
The key to fulfilling destiny is the focus.

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