Are You A Fresh Graduate? Learn How To Achieve Your Goals

Goals setting is the primary action if it will be achievable. You need to set your goals and objectives if you take them seriously. You can fantasize but without proper setting of those goals, it can’t be achieved.

Dr. Dipo tweeted this fantastic piece of work on his social media. We found very interesting and will be useful for all fresh graduates. Also, it is needful for everybody who has a goal to achieve in life.

To achieve your goals is not going to be easy. There would be some obstacles in your ways. However, if there are plans on the ground, it will be easier for you. Though you will reach some stages that would look like you should stop but your set plans will keep you going.

If you want to back down, looking at the plans supercharge you to keep moving. Having goals in mind to achieve is necessary, however, implementing the action you tailored down is the key. A laid down plan or ideas without actions will be futile.

Let’s go through the pieces of advice from Dr. Dipo below.

Beyond your Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctorate Degree, you need to work on your personality, your character, and your skills.

  1. Write down your primary career goals.
  2. You should identify your short-term goals (1-2 years).
  3. Identify your long-term goals (5-10 years).
  4. Identify the resources, skills, qualifications & experience you need to achieve your short-term & long-term goals.
  5. Get a mentor.

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  1. Study the person you intend to be their mentee. Research their experience/skills.
  2. Reach out to them via email, phone or in person, if it is someone in your network.
  3. If it is someone who doesn’t currently know you, cold calling confidently can help.
  4. Please be able to articulate what you want via email and in person (if presented with the opportunity). Don’t ramble on or write long incoherent emails.
  5. If possible, engage in conversations with the potential mentor on Twitter or LinkedIn and get them to notice you.


  1. Don’t force the relationship. If it is not working, quit.
  2. Think about what you are bringing to the table. What can your mentee gain from you? It should be a symbiotic relationship.
  3. Be careful who you take advice/recommendations from.

Sadly, a potential mentor is not always going to say yes to you because they are very busy, stressed or already taken on enough mentees for a particular period.


A lot of young Nigerians are stuck in an unfortunate mindset. All they see is limitations. Even when you provide them with practical solutions, they ignore & focus mainly on their problems/limitations. We all have limitations, but we can overcome them if we are solution oriented.

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