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Letter To Future Husband 1

Dear future hubby,

future husbandIt is with great pleasure I am writing this to you, my dear future husband. How have you been love? It’s been a while I write to you. How was Valentine with you? Hope you did not do what I won’t want to hear later in future and how are my ‘Adeles’? Love, am missing you a lot. When are you coming to take me down the aisle? When are you coming to take me away from the ‘hunters’ hunting me day and night? When am I going to occupy the Queen’s position in your palace? Abeg con take me home o as I don tire for momma’s ranting.

Do not worry if you don’t have a car yet, your leg is all that matters to me. You don’t have to be like Dangote before coming for me; just make sure you are hardworking and focused. Do not worry about our children taking your place in my heart when they come as I have determined in my heart that they will need to come after you come what may.

Lest I forget, is it true that you men don’t like to apologize to your woman when you err her just because of your Ego? I bet it won’t be like that with your honey but all the same, dear, learn how to apologize. In fact, sorry can heal the deepest wound you can ever cause me. Also, I think I need to tell you that I won’t pry into your phone but if I need it probably to play games, I will take it with all pleasure. Hence, do not lock your phone without telling me the password.

I promise I will do the same dear. I cannot promise you a perfect marriage but I can promise you a loving and fulfilled marriage by God’s grace; You will not be starved of Your dining room food and your bedroom food.

Your babies inside don dey vex say their father never come for them so sweetheart, please do what you need to do and come for us.

With much love from your darling future wife.

Adesewa Hearted

Adesewa Hearted is Lover of Christ, Accountant, Relationship Coach, Public Speaker, Baker and Fashion Designer.

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