God or Allah? Language Differences Misconception | By Adebayo Sodiq (RSA)

God or Allah? Language differences have caused lots of misconceptions, especially, on religions.

Non-Muslims, please, take note of the below…

Allah“, an Arabic word for God, never an Idol, Muhammad (PBUH) or another deity different from a supreme being. So, if a Muslim says, Allah shall provide for you, and your family, know that he means God, not another deity nor Muhammad (PBUH).

Insha Allah“, simply means If God wishes. For instance, I’d build a house before this year ends, Insha Allah.

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God or Allah? Language Differences Misconception | By Adebayo Sodiq (RSA)

Likewise the word, “Eesa“, an Arabic word for Jesus.

Eesa“, I mean Jesus is one of the most respected God’s messengers Muslims believe. Then, you’d hear Muslims saying, “alayhi solatu wa Salam” whenever he is mentioned anywhere. “Alayhi Solatu wa Salam“, means, praise and peace be upon him. This indicates how Jesus is revered in the heart of Muslims.

Muslims love and accord him (Jesus) respect. They revere him as a prophet and a messenger but, never as a son of God, nor as God.

What gave birth to these ruminations was my latest encounter with a new friend and sister, Joy. She intended to pray for me, and she thought she made mistake by saying God instead of Allah. She wasn’t feeling okay as she was struggling to reconstruct her expression. She didn’t know, “Allah” means God.

God or Allah? Language Differences Misconception | By Adebayo Sodiq (RSA)

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“God will provide…”, hardly had she through when she corrected herself, saying, “Eeshh! Sorry, Allah will provide…”

I smiled and told her she’s correct with the two expressions. Either Allah or God, both go as they are the same. The difference is the language.


Adebayo Sodiq (RSA) is a personality of many faces. He is a teacher, an avid writer, a presenter, an MC, a video-photography lover and a graphic designing lover.

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