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A Great Marriage Has Nothing To Do With Age By Adebukola Adesewa

A Great Marriage Has Nothing To Do With Age By Aderanti Adebukola Adesewa 

A great marriage does not lie with age. When I was much younger, I and my friends used to think that the older the man the better, we thought older men would know how to take care of women more than the younger men. (Where did that thought even come from?)

Do you know that 70% of women who reach out to me and who have marital problems are married to men 10, 15 and 20 years older than them? All of them say one thing “they regret marrying those men”. However,  complaining bitterly about their “rigidity and stubbornness” especially capitalizing on the fact that they are older.

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I have also seen women who say they are happy despite the age differences with the men they are married to. I have a sister whose husband is like 15years older than her but she is happy with him. Also, I have seen men look for younger women who they think will care and respect them than women their ages or slightly younger than them. You should know that is a big “error”, they know better now that it is not like that and such women are thorns in their flesh.

Whether male or female, it boils down to maturity- emotional, spiritual, mental and social maturity. You will see some younger men/women way matured than their ages, because of his/her makeup and exposure. Whatever you do, LET the Lord choose for you, NOT you.


Don’t go throwing your young boyfriends away for older men or girlfriend away for a lady much younger than her, except he/she is the one the Lord has chosen for you, Himself. A great marriage brings sweetness and comfort.

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