New ICAN Syllabus

Guide For New Applicants Based On New ICAN Syllabus For All ICAN Professional Students

The examination structure for the new syllabus has been changed from the one we had in the old ICAN Syllabus. Therefore, it is essential to be updated as regard to the new syllabus.

As a graduate of any discipline in a recognized tertiary institution in Nigeria, you are eligible to be an ICAN Professional student (B.eD,, HND and AAT).

If you are a graduate of accounting in an accredited institution, you will be exempted from writing some exams, hence you will start from the second stage. You will be exempted from six papers. Five in foundation and 1 in skills level.

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If you are a graduate of accounting but your school is not accredited, you will be exempted from 3 papers in the foundation level. It, therefore, means you will write 2 papers at the foundation level, 5 In skills and 5 in the final stage.

If you are a graduate from a school that has MCATI agreement with ICAN or a CNA holder, you have just the professional stage (Final stage) of exam to write, you will be exempted from Foundation and skills level.

If you are a graduate of other disciplines, you will start from foundation though you may be exempted from some courses in the foundation but not all.

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The ICAN exam is in 3 stages;

1. Foundation 5 papers
2 skills 5 papers
3 professional 5 papers

There are five subjects at each level


  • A1: Taxation
  • A2. Business, Management, and Finance
  • A3. Financial Accounting
  • A4. Management Information
  • A5. Business Law

Skill Level

  • B1. Financial Reporting
  • B2. Audit and Assurance
  • B3. Corporate Strategic Management & Ethics
  • B4. Performance Management
  • B5. Public Sector Accounting and Finance

Professional level

  • C1. Corporate Reporting
  • C2. Advanced Audit and Assurance
  • C3. Strategic Financial Management
  • C4. Advanced Taxation
  • C5. Case Study

To register you can visit zenith or GTBank or First Bank.

Do you still need other information about the New ICAN Syllabus? Visit ICAN Website Here

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