30 Health Benefits of Alligator Pepper (Aframomum Melegueta)

30 Health Benefits of Alligator Pepper (Aframomum Melegueta) | By Aju Mbaise

Alligator pepper is one of the gift of nature that means different things to different people. It is served with cola nuts so that the guests can entertain themselves. It is also a common ingredient in pepper soup, a spicy delight in most of western and Asian and Africa.

However, since ancient times, alligator peppers have been used in traditional medicine to treat many diseases. The alligator pepper plant also has both medical and nutritional values, and the extracts of its seeds have been used as an antidote against many diseases.

The study indicates that alligator pepper is a stimulant and diuretic. Crushed seeds mixed with crushed bitter kola and water extract of bitter leaf all mixed with a proper amount of water is used to treat diabetes.

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Whole fruit is eaten along with two moderately sized ginger cures beriberi. One whole pepper added to three seeds of ripe papaw, dried locus bean all ground to make soup is a remedy for female infertility. Alligator pepper (Afromomum melegueta ) is of the plant family Zingiberaceae and it is locally known as ose oji igbo and ata ire in Yoruba language.

Moreover, alligator peppers called names like paradise, Atare (in Yoruba), Chitta (Hausa) or Guinea Pepper. They are a seed with many healing powers. Also, their benefits to humanity seem endless. Therefore, if you do not use alligator peppers, you will have absolutely missed this wonderful gift of nature.

Alligator pepper is also used to cure the following:

  1. Asthma
  2. Indigestion
  3. Body ache
  4. Dysentery
  5. Anti-inflammatory
  6. Aphrodisiac
  7. Stimulant
  8. Malaria treatment
  9. Weight loss
  10. It is also an energy booster
  11. It also helps sperm booster
  12. Worm expellant
  13. Heals Gonorrhea
  14. Boost immune system
  15. Heals postpartum bleeding
  16. Anti cancer
  17. Heals muscle pain
  18. Heals arthritis
  19. It also heals vomiting
  20. Heals Flu or the common cold
  21. It helps blood flow
  22. Calming inflammation
  23. Cardiovascular health
  24. It also protects the body at the cellular level
  25. Remove harmful bacteria and allow helpful bacteria to thrive
  26. Body detox
  27. Treat depression
  28. It also heals menstruation cramp
  29. Burns belly fate
  30. Skin care

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