10 Health Benefits of Avocado Seed Tea You Should Know

Avocado is a superfood that has grown popular across the globe for years. The superfood is also dubbed as the ‘olive oil of the Americas’, as it has many nutrients.

With a plethora of health benefits to its name, every part of this fruit including the leaves is beneficial for human health. Avocado is scientifically known as Persea Americana and it is said to have originated from South Central Mexico.

What does avocado seed cure?

Avocado has benefits, from lowering cholesterol to aiding weight loss. A study suggests that further rewards could be reaped from a part of the fruit that we normally discard: the husk of the seed.

The seed contains more than 75% of the benefits derived from eating the flesh alone. It is a concentrated super house of nutrients.

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Have You Heard of Avocado Seed Tea?

Avocado seed tea has enormous health benefits; it does wonders for the skin. It also helps with blood pressure and weight loss. One of the best aspects of Avocado tea is that you can make it with that part of avocado which we often discard first.

Here are some health benefits of avocado tea:

10 Health Benefits of Avocado Seed Tea You Should Know

  • Avocado tea contains anti-inflammatory properties to fight various inflammations, helps reduce pain and diseases in the body.
  • Avocado tea contains a good source of potassium to regulate your blood pressure.
  • It also aids digestion.
  • The avocado seeds are also effective in lowering bad cholesterol levels.
  • Avocados contain omega-3 fatty acids that are heart-friendly.
  • It releases body tension to aid sleep
  • It boosts body immune system.
  • Being a rich source of vitamin C, avocado seeds also help exfoliate your skin naturally and induce a natural glow.
  • It has fewer calories which also keeps your waistline in check.
  • The avocado seed is an antioxidant that can help prevent type 2 diabetes and also make your skin glow.


10 Health Benefits of Avocado Seed Tea You Should Know

  • Get your Avocado seeds
  • Grate it with a kitchen grater
  • Dry in the sun or microwave till dry.
  • Take 1tbsp of dried avocado powder and boil in a cup of water for 5mins.
  • Sieve into a cup, add 1tsp of honey to sweeten (optional).

Stay healthy always with Avocado seed tea.

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