Never Do These Health Mistakes In The Summer

Summer health mistakes

After a long hour of hibernation and boredom winter days, the much awaited time is summer. We never put our health in the first place as we want to head open-air and hit the ground more with outdoor activities.

Due to this, we invite more health mistakes to blow on us during summer time. So, here are a few lists of health mistakes to watch out this season. Check out and make yourself not to fall on these disease zones.

Here are the most common health mistakes that everyone makes during summer:

Less water intake:

Never wait for your thirsty buds to pop up for water. Sip frequently and stay hydrated to maintain the body’s water level. Are you fed up to take normal water to quench your thirst this season? Then try adding summer fruits and healthy juices of your choice. Proper hydration can make you stay away from muscular cramps, headaches, weakness, cracked lips, hallucinations, and mood swings. If your symptom persists for a longer time then consult your physician. If required he will prescribe you with medicines for a speedy recovery.

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Choosing incorrect sunglasses:

We always protect our skin from sunrays but not our eyes. It’s equally important to protect our eyes as too much sun rays might increase the chance of Macular degeneration, Pterygium, and cataract. 20% of the cataract cases are reported to be caused due to UV exposure (Ref: Choose a sunglass which can defend UVA and UVB radiation. Protect your vision using frames; don’t let the rays to harm your eyes!

Alcohol intake:

Beach, barbeques with a glass of favourite drink will make you chill. But this is a dangerous cocktail as the sunny temperature and alcohol intake can cause dehydration. Water loss is more rapid than the normal and hence fluid replacement is a must to avoid heat stroke or in the worst case, it can cause organ failure.

Skin tanning:

Excessive exposure to sunlight can cause the skin to tan and in more severe forms it results in sun burning. Regular sunscreen application with good SPF can protect your skin. You can also buy topical creams from any online pharmacy store.

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Swimming and allergies:

Seasonal allergies due to pollen can cause congestion due to swelling in the nasal-throat. If left untreated the fluid can build-up in the middle ear. The Bactria and virus can multiply and can cause an ear infection. Wear a mask when you head out to protect yourself. Hit any online medical store to order allergy medications and get it delivered at your doorstep.

Swimming is the most preferred outdoor activity during summer. Ear infection crop up when the ear canal is not properly dried out causing an infection resulting in pain and itchiness.  Make sure to dry up water after swimming to prevent terrible ear pain.


Summer season can bring you joy! But soaking in sunlight invades host of health issues as a result of health mistakes. Follow the above tips and protect yourself to have a safe summer season ahead!

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