Health Risk of Sitting Down For Too Long

Risk of sitting down for too long | By Immaculata Ebube

Sitting for too long have been associated with very dangerous health problems including: deaths, cancer, obesity, heart disease and lots more.

The dangers of sitting down cannot be over emphasize because of the health problems associated to it. Sitting for too long increases the risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer.

When you sit you use less energy than you do when you move or stand.

Note that even if you exercise constantly and still sit for too long you have completely rendered your exercise useless.

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Here is a simple way to exercise while at work to avoid sitting down for too long:

Health Risk of Sitting Down For Too Long

  • You can stand and talk on the phone
  • Walk around a bit.
  • Take a break from sitting every one hour.
  • Try using a standing desk at work.
  • Stand up and stretch every half hour.
  • Take a stroll around your office.
  • Touch your toes

Please for those that works in a bank, hotel receptionist and others that have to sit for too long please take care of your health, don’t sit down the whole day at work.

Instead of using the elevator please use the stairs. Ever noticed any pain on your leg, back or hip anytime you sit for extended hours at work or home please tell us let’s learn and also help you.

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