6 Healthy and Amazing Food Sources of Iron

What is iron?

Iron is a mineral that plays lots of different roles in the body, from maintaining a healthy immune system to transporting oxygen around the body.

If you are not getting enough foods high in iron, you might feel tired and low in energy.

Iron is an essential mineral that enables our bodies to produce enough hemoglobin (the oxygen-carrying part of red blood cells). Without enough hemoglobin, we don’t get enough oxygen.

6 Healthy and Amazing Food Sources of Iron

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A deficiency in iron is known as anemia. Anemia has numerous causes. Heavy menstruation, pregnancy, and childbirth are the most common reasons for anemia in women.

The symptoms of anemia include but are not limited to, fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath, cold hands and feet and headache. Some examples of sources of iron are; liver, meat, chicken, eggs, seafood like crayfish, fluted pumpkin leaf (ugwu), etc.

The Following Are the 6 Healthy and Amazing Food Sources of Iron

6 Healthy and Amazing Food Sources of Iron

1- Chicken breast

The super healthy lean protein is the best way for non-vegetarians to get their dose of iron. A chicken breast can be cooked in a variety of ways and is sure to help you in increasing your haemoglobin levels. Iron content: 0.7 milligrams per 100gms of chicken.

2- Ground beef/Red meat

Another great option, red meat/ground beef is an excellent source of iron. Be sure that the meat you eat is without the fat. Fat will dissolve the purpose of healthy eating. Iron content: 2.1 milligrams per 85 grams.

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3- Meat

The type of iron found in meat and animal products is called heme iron. Heme iron is easier for the body to absorb than non-heme iron, which is the kind found in plant-based foods. This means that red meat is a rich, bioavailable source of foods high in iron. 100g of beef rump steak contains 3.6mg of iron per 100g.

4- Liver

The liver is easily the best way to increase your iron intake. With a high content of iron, even a small serving of liver is good enough to increase your haemoglobin level. You can choose between chicken liver or beef liver. Although, the former is a more popular choice the latter contains lesser calories and cholesterol.
Iron content: 9 milligrams of iron per 100 grams of chicken liver.

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5- Seafood

The super versatile and delicious seafood option contains a good amount of iron to satisfy your daily intake.
Iron content: 3 milligrams per 100 grams of prawns.

6- Dried fruit, nuts and seeds

A handful of dried fruit, nuts, and seeds makes a great high-iron snack. Figs contain 3.9mg of iron per 100g, while hazelnuts pack 3.2mg and sesame seeds provide 10.4mg – that’s more than you’d find in the same amount of beef liver!


The body uses iron to make blood. Normalize giving these foods to your children to avoid a shortage of blood in them.

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