How To Ensure You Finish 2020 as a Millionaire

Maybe you didn’t hit your goal in 2019, if you follow what I am about to teach you now, you will make millions in 2020.

Are you ready to end 2020 as a millionaire?

Take a sheet of paper and write down how many millions you want to make in 2020. Have you written it? Good.

Let’s say your goal is to make N12 million naira (which is the minimum I expect anyone to write)

Divide your goal into 12 months. That’s makes your monthly income goal N1,000,000. Now divide your monthly goal by 30 days. This gives you your Daily Income Goal. (33,500 for our example above)

How To Ensure You Finish 2020 as a Millionaire

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Now, why’s this important? The most important things of life are done daily.

You eat daily.

You bath daily.

And you breath daily.

But most people don’t know it is equally important to put daily attention to their finances.

How do you eat a cow? You must cut it down to small pieces. How do you hit your yearly income goals, by chopping it down into daily income goals.

Now, if your goal is to make N33,500 daily, ask yourself these questions. Can what I am offering (product/service) bring in N33,500 daily? If it can’t, how can you improve your value, price or reach more people??

How many people would you need to buy your product daily to hit your daily income goal?

Let’s say you have a 3k digital product, you will need to sell it to 11 people daily to hit your daily income goal. However, if the digital course is now 10k, you only need 4 people to hit your goal. There are other business vehicles to hit your daily income, this post is not for that. Any business you choose, go deep into it.

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How To Ensure You Finish 2020 as a Millionaire

Also, if you work by the hour, let’s say you work 10 productive hours daily. That’s make your 1 hour worth N3,500. Don’t collect anything less than that.

Chopping down your goals to daily pieces will help you live in the now and make you accountable for your actions every day. The truth is, if you are hitting your daily income goals, you will also be crushing your weekly, monthly and yearly goals.

Another way to finish 2020 in millions is to earn in dollars. Do you know that if you save N1 every day in 2020, you will end up making just $1 at the end of the year? Check it out. N1 x 365 days = N365 which is equivalent to $1. Hehe

If you think you have plenty of money, convert it to dollars and you will also see how small it will become. N1,000,000 is just 2,739.7 dollars. Hoho

Even if you have 50 million naira right now, it is only $137,000.

Now let me blow your mind. $1,000,000 (1 million dollars) is equal to N365,000,000 (Three hundred and sixty five MILLION naira)


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$10,000,000 (10 million dollars) is equal to 3.56 billion naira. Kai

The day I got this revelation, I changed my goals to dollars. To make millions in 2020, you must also plan in dollars.

How To Make Millions Dollar

I am actively involved in things that will bring me dollars (That’s why I am on Upwork and fiverr)

When you actively earn in dollars, you make millions in naira easily. See ehn, If you make $1,000 a month, to an average American it’s nothing, but in Nigeria, that’s N365k. How many jobs will pay you 365k in Nigeria?

Do everything LEGAL to earn in dollars. They are lot’s of platforms (Google is your good friend)

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Also, whenever you earn in naira, divide it to dollar value and tell yourself you need to be earning more. When you do this, you will take bigger actions, you will earn more in dollars and when you finally convert it to naira, you would have created massive wealth.

You don’t need to be in Dallas to earn in dollars. Cheers to your millions in 2020.

End 2020 as a millionaire!!! Good luck


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