How To Write An Excellent Statement Of Purpose For Admission and Student Visa Applications (Part 1)

How To Write An Excellent Statement Of Purpose For Admission and Student Visa Applications (Part 1)

Over time, we’ve realized that international education is beyond going to study a course of your choice in a more qualified institution outside your home country, preferably, a developed country.

If you allow yourself go through the process of leaving the confines of your shores and adapt to a new environment, you will embrace a worthy adventure that ushers new spectra of experience that will greatly enhance your life’s journey. Alongside experiential learning, you meet people from different backgrounds and build a global network; access global opportunities through internships and other platforms and also explore international travels- if your visa permits. A Schengen Visa, for example, gives you access to 26 European countries.

It is beyond getting an international certificate.

Despite the enormous benefits of studying or travelling abroad, a lot of persons do not achieve these dreams because of visa refusals. Some eventually get visas after two or more refusals. Nonetheless, there are people who apply once and are granted visas.

how to write statement of purpose

Lots of persons who apply for study, tourism or family visit to countries like Australia, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom are denied visas because of their inability to prove the genuineness of their intentions to either the admission board or immigration official.

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Despite the provision of requested documents and available financial funds, most people do not know what their intentions for applying for admission or visa is judged based on their statement of purpose. Statement of purpose (Personal statement, Motivation letter, Letter of intent) is one of the most important documents required for your admission and visa applications in these countries. It is a personal statement that addresses the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirements.

One might think it is an insignificant document in the process, on the contrary, it is one of the most important documents. If you get this right, you are one foot into the door of getting your admission and visa applications approved. Or maybe two.

Most universities are currently receiving thousands of applications from applicants across the globe for the 2020/2021 academic session. If you intend putting in your applications, then you should be serious with your statement of purpose.

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In my next post, I’ll give you guides on how to write your statement of purpose for both admission and student visa applications, excellently, and achieve the results I have achieved.

Being an International Education Consultant and having professionally written and vetted over 50 successful statements of purpose for individuals and International Education Agencies, allow me to take you into the world of writing statements of purpose.


Flora Ikpen Student Visa ApplicationFlora Ikpen is an Author and a pragmatic communicator with invaluable experience in International Education, Brand Management, Stakeholders Relations, Broadcasting and Development Strategies. She is the Founder and Chief Operations Officer of Arolf International Consult- an international brand that seeks to promote human development and global connectivity through international education and travels.

She is the author of “How to write an outstanding Statement of Purpose for Admission, Scholarship and Visa Applications”. Flora is passionate about Education, Child and Teens Mentoring, Human Development and Sustainable Development through Community based projects and other development-focused projects.

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