ICAN November Diet: 10 Important Things You Should Know About the 2021 New Syllabus

The examination structure for the new syllabus has been changed from the one we had in the old ICAN Syllabus. Therefore, it is essential to be updated with regard to the new syllabus.

The ICAN syllabus will be reviewed regularly from time to time due to the dynamic environment of the economy. The syllabus will focus more on information technology and the digital economy in every subject based on the current development.

A look has been taken at the new Syllabus for 2021, supposed to commence in November Diet.

Here are the following updates about the 2021 ICAN New Syllabus:

ICAN Unveils New Syllabus, Effective March 2021

1- For the majority of courses, there haven’t been many changes. Just a bit here and there. Where major changes occur are in the following courses:

  • BUSINESS LAW – For Foundation
  • TAXATION & PSAF – For Skills Level
  • ADVANCED TAXATION – For Professional Level.

2- The Significance of this is that the current Study Packs are still very much Useful. Because there is no information yet on when the Updated ones are gonna be released, so go ahead and continue preparing with the Current Study packs (Soft or Hard Copies).

3- All you just need to watch out for are the new topics/areas added then update yourself.

4- On the issue of TAXATION being a compulsory paper for All Students. Throughout the Syllabus, no indication of such in it at all.

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New ICAN Syllabus

5- The only information to that effect is that TAXATION is taken to SKILLS Level as it used to be some diets ago, leaving Foundation Level with 4 Papers, then Skills Level with 6 papers.

Therefore, as an Accounting Graduate from an Accredited institution, you are still exempted from TAXATION. That’s all you need to know as a potential NOVEMBER 2021 Candidate.

The Timetable for NOVEMBER Diet has been released confirming exams will hold as follow:

Tuesday 23 – Thursday 25 November 2021.

This shows we have roughly 5 Months towards the ICAN November Diet 2021 Examination. That’s much enough to prepare for a Diet.

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Some other information to note on the ICAN 2021 New Syllabus includes:

  • Students to be tested on the new Syllabus.
  • Skills level paper to include Taxation (compulsory for all students) to enable HND/BSC graduates to be well equipped in the new taxation reforms/laws.
  • Compulsory questions (Section A) will now be 30 marks, while Section B shall be 20 marks for each of the two questions to be answered and Section C shall be 15 marks for each of the two questions to be answered.
  • Questions shall include the Technological disruptions, Finance Act 2019, CAMA Act 2020, Accountability in public Sector and Efficient public management.
  • Syllabus to be reviewed annually or as necessary.
  • Results shall be released after 6 weeks of examination.

Let’s remember the 5 Ps of Examination Success, thus; “PROPER PREPARATION PREVENTS POOR PERFORMANCE.

Don’t say until the exam draws closer. Start Now.

Thanks and God Bless.

Credit: ABDUL-KABIR Yuusuf Aremu ACA

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