IDC/Guildance Revives Iwo Water Corporation

IDC Iwo land

Water, they say is life. The essence of potable water in human life can never be overestimated. No wonder the parlance; Water is Indispensable.

As a young man who has spent a bit over three decades, I had a near-nothing experience of what pipe-borne water looks like. My little experience of how water flows through underground pipes in my hometown was at the tale-end of my juvenile days. During this time, the entire water system of Osun State Water Corporation in Iwo Town and other major towns in the state began to gradually phase out until water supply became history.

Several moves and entreaties have been made to the state government to help revive Iwo Water Works, which happen to be one of the biggest we have around. All these moves to no avail as the government turned deaf ears.

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At this moment, fortune is beginning to smile on the people of Iwoland. The breeze of a new dawn is about to be felt on pipe borne water supply in the town. Over the last couple of weeks, Guildance Community Development Foundation in collaboration with Iwoland Development Coalition has partnered with Iwo Action Council to provide palliative measures to solve the lingering issue of lack of potable water in the community.

IDC Iwo land

Funds were provided by Guildance/IDC for the rehabilitation of necessary types of equipment at the Water Works and of course underground pipes that relay water to the community. I am glad to inform you that water is now pumping to State (General) Hospital, Iwo and environs. You’d agree with me that this is a huge leap of success which is apparently commendable.

This is another project conceived in furtherance of the humanitarian services of IDC and the Iwo leading NGO, Guildance Community Development Foundation.

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Right now, water can pump to General Hospital and environs. But to make this effective for the medical facility, two storage tanks which are estimated to cost N60,000 (Including Installation fee) is required. However, as we speak, the cost implication for repairing and relaying all the pipes across the whole town is being estimated as a prelude to getting water flow to every nooks and cranny of Iwoland.

The Co-ordinator of IDC who doubles as the president, Guildance Community Development Foundation, Mr. Adisa Kabiru Adeniyi FCA restated his firm resolve to get this done, with the supports every well-meaning citizen of Iwoland.

This is a huge one. IDC/Guildance are working, Iwo is moving.

Jubril Akintayo Onseyoo
For Iwoland Development Foundation

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