Igbá Ìwà, the Calabash of Existence – A Challenge to the Flat Earthers

Igbá Ìwà, the Calabash of Existence – a challenge to the Flat Earthers | By Ọlọbẹ Yoyọn

In the words of Professor Babatunde Lawal, a professor of Art History at Virginia Commonwealth University (United States) during his presentation titled: “A Big Calabash with Two Halves: The Yorùbá Vision of the Cosmos”:

In Yorùbá cosmology:

“Àṣẹ is a vital force or power that enables the sun to shine, the moon and stars to glitter, the winds to blow, the rain to fall, and the river to flow. It gives form to the formless, motion to the motionless, and life to living things.

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Igbá Ìwà, the Calabash of Existence - A Challenge to the Flat Earthers

It is present in all phenomenon, both animate and inanimate. This power sustains the cosmos, which the Yorùbá conceptualize as the big calabash with two halves. “Igbá ńlá méjì s’ojú dé ra wọn” – also called “Igbá Ìwà“, the calabash of existence.”

This is profound! While some people in 2019 are still busy promoting the erroneous idea that the Earth is flat rather than a sphere, the ancient Yorùbá knew for millennia that the earth is a sphere just like a calabash.

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