Ignorance, The Enemy of Mankind | By Adeniyi Ademola

Nothing kills faster and easier than what you did not know. God said my people perish because of lack of knowledge. See how the so-called “enemy” destroys people.

The Word “IGNORANCE” has destroyed many homes, it has scattered many businesses. It has dwindled many careers. It has shattered much vision, many marriages have been destroyed because of this so-called enemy, many visions have failed as a result of this enemy, many have been sent to an early grave as a result of this enemy. It’s the greatest tool which the devil uses on humanity.

Many got depressed when they don’t know what to do, many commit suicide when they don’t know what to do, many are in a state of confusion when they don’t know what to do. No wonder the Bible says, many are in the valley of decisions. because they don’t know what to do. (author added)

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We are the way we are because we don’t know how to improve, what we did not know precede us. Ignorance is worst than death, it is one of the greatest tool devils use to rob us of our blessing. Therefore, we must stand to fight it at all cost. Also, ignorance is generational, what you don’t know you can not teach your children. That is why 2tim 2v5 says, study to show yourself approved.

Several years back, my mom had a severe headache and she took six doses of paracetamol (overdose), hoping to kill the headache once because she had a lot of work to do and she did not want to be disturbed by the headache.

Few hours after she took the drug, she became restless and lifeless. She couldn’t do anything, thank God that people were around her, she would have died. That is how deadly ignorance is if she knew the effect of an overdose before she took the drug she wouldn’t have taken it. If a man knows what will kill him, he wouldn’t go there.

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The Hebrew word for ignorance is darkness. You can see how deadly ignorance is, it leaves you in perpetual darkness if you do nothing about it.

This reminds me of the story about a woman who prepares a ham for dinner by cutting off both ends. Her bewildered husband asks why she cuts off the ends. She replies, “that’s how my mom cooked it”. Well, it just so happened that her mom was coming for dinner that night. So they asked her why she cut off the ends of the ham. Mom replies, “that’s how my mom cooked it”.

So they decided to call great grandma on the phone and ask why she cut off the ends of the ham. Her answer? “because my pan was too small!”. See how ignorance has robbed this family from one generation to another. That is why I said ignorance is generational, what you don’t know you cannot teach your children.

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Many are in a situation like this, ignorance has put some people in perpetual darkness, which turns to generational curses. The battles of ignorance are forever if you don’t find your way out of it. Therefore, you must stand in the gap for your family and fight it at all cost, if not for you but for them, the unborn generation.

The greatest tool against ignorance is light, (knowledge). Wisdom is a principal thing, as it was written in the proverb, without it ignorance we remain forever in your life, knowledge is the cure to ignorance. Nothing preserve a soul like knowledge, knowing what to do, how to do things at all time, in the right time and in the right way.

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Knowledge is the greatest protection against any form of ignorance. Seek for it, as the book of proverb told us to do. No wonder the Islamic prophet said, “seek knowledge from cradle to grave”. If you don’t want to be obsolete in your field of endeavor seek for knowledge. You might not know everything but make sure you have knowledge about everything.

Napoleon Hill said, “knowledge is only potential power, it became power only when, and if, it is organized into definite plans of action and directed to a definite end”. In another word, knowledge with effective responsibility became power. Knowledge alone is not enough, you must be ready to make the sacrifice by seeking it at all cost.

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Go for light if you want to be free from perpetual darkness in your life. Don’t be among the victim, remember the story of the woman above. You can only break forth from obscurity by knowledge. What you don’t know, you don’t know and what you don’t know precede you. Knowledge is the cure to any form of ignorance and also knowledge is the greatest ally to the land of fortune.

Remember, ignorance is worse than death if you do nothing about it.


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