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The World of Immorality and disorderliness: LETTER TO THE PARENTS

Dear Parents,

I am writing this little piece based on my observations and happenings.

Our beloved parents, please enough of the marriage pressure on the youths of this time. No doubt early marriage is good but not when you have half-baked “adults”. Marriage is a lifetime institution which you are not permitted to opt out of according to the Holy book.

Many of the present day mothers and fathers have not received substantial training or coaching before venturing into marriage, after one year or 2 they start having issues and run back to their parents now and then for solutions. A lot of children have barely spent five years with their parents before marriage. They’ve been in boarding house since nursery school to the higher institution. We now have ‘bobo’ fathers and mothers who still need to be groomed before raising new generations.

Immorality and disorderliness is the order of the day amidst the youths and teenagers. All they have in their mind is how to get rich at 21 illegally, enjoy sex, drink, and smoke, etc. What will you expect from a ‘slay mama’ as a mother? God help the next generation. Gone are the days when virginity is a thing of pride, gradually it’s going into oblivion. Some guys will even tell you they don’t want to marry a virgin, radarada.

The Bible says, “train up your child the way he should go …” Dear parents make out time to give your children the proper training (moral, religious and educational). Moreover, when I say training I don’t mean the autocratic way, make them see reasons why a particular act is bad or good. Forcing rules and regulation on them will only make them pretend in your presence and do otherwise outside your roof. The ten commandments were so difficult to obey then, but God introduced Jesus who simplified everything by introducing ‘LOVE’.

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However, you parents endeavour to be of God character worth taking after. If as a parent you cannot be your children’s number 1 role model (even before our religious leaders), check yourself. Youths of the day use some uncultured celebrity as their role model thereby leading to loss of identity.

Dear parents are your children’s best friend, share experience with them, ideas and give ears to their heart. Isn’t it bad for a friend to be the first to know that your daughter has started menstruation (that’s just by the way)?

Beloved parents, pls give your children the best of training so that you can save the next generation and when you are old or have passed on you’ll be happy.

I rest my case.

King Sceptre.

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