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The phrase ‘education is a scam‘ has rented an apartment in the world of youths because nobody values the importance of education anymore. Many believe the time spent to acquire knowledge is waste. The returns on investment for education is no more viable as they say. Well, could it be true? The system we found ourselves today has made many promising youths divert their attention to illegal means of surviving.

Education is not just about the formal one we go to buildings of the classroom to learn. The phrase above as ‘education is a scam‘ also refers to the time and money spent from primary classes to tertiary institutions as a waste.

Without a doubt, informal education from outsides the classrooms is also important. In this post, the importance of education generally will be discussed.

Here are 7 amazing points that highlight the importance of education. 

1- Education is important in the life of individuals.

It helps individuals socially, economically, personally, and globally. It helps us to daily life activities in the best possible ways.

Education helps us to acquire knowledge, skills and more experience to develop our daily life activities.

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2- Education is also one of the important sources of success

Also, it helps in running day to day activities in life. The knowledge and skills acquired through education is a source of environmental development.

3- Education is an ingredient for development and growth

The knowledge acquired is used to develop the country socially, globally, technologically and economically. Life has become easier with the help of education through the knowledge of technology with technology different research has been made.

Moreover, different machine has been built, the word is turning into a better place and life has become easier with the help of easy transportation by trains, cars, aircraft, etc on communication through phones, laptop and etc.

4- It opens doors for better pay job opportunities

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With the help of education, one can secure a good job with a good salary. This will reduce the poverty rate in the country. It brings different life opportunities to the people. The image of a country will be boosted among the other neighboring countries as a result of good economically performance or situation of a country.

In addition, education should be free. Many children out there want to be educated but because of lack of financial capability by their parent they couldn’t continue with their education after graduating from secondary school, some don’t even go to school at all.

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5- It gives birth to leaders of tomorrow

If free education is introduced many people will have the opportunity to go to school. With this, the country will have the opportunity to have many technicians, Doctors, engineers, businessmen, and women. Also, there will be good healthcare, good construction, easy life and good economic status with the help of the business organization.

6- Education helps in daily interaction with the use of Lingua-Franca.

For example, Nigeria where 520 languages are spoken, the use of English language was introduced by Britain in other to make communication easier. Without the knowledge of the english language in Nigeria and other related countries communication with not be easy.

7- Education increase the hope of having a better future

However, it boosts the knowledge of any vocational training or skills. Education light up the World. The importance of education can’t be exhausted, in a summary mode, it brings hope.

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