DAY 14: Change The Old Mentality; Information, an Ingredient of Success

“The best resources you need to be successful is information.”

“Information is an ingredient of success we should all seek.”Saminu Abass Ola

The information they say is power, however, I will call it the ingredient of success. To have a delicious food on your table you need the right ingredients from the market. The analogy is same as the life we live, to be successful we need the right information.

Yesterday’s piece was a bit long, though some readers complained and they happily read it. To my surprise, the article received the most reactions so far. Some were eager to see the sites. I engaged many people which I was glad to do so.

I was in a dilemma on which aspect to focus on because I want to fulfil the promise made yesterday as well want the write-up to be short. Therefore, I decided to go with the question the two readers threw to me yesterday. In short, we discussed entrepreneurship.

No doubt to earn you need to sell or render services. I have also stated two things you can sell; which are your talents or skills.

However, I was asked what about those with business ideas? One of the two readers is a lady and she engaged me passionately and I promised her to write on it today.

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When I was as in OAU, there is a guy that will come to advert a product called “certified garri” the guy packaged garri, sugar, and a groundout. He sells at the rate of N50 then. You will not believe that such same business idea by another person has been funded with over N100,000 on the site I am about to reveal to you.

Yes, there are many people who have business ideas on the table. They want to start the business but they are restricted to start as a result of many reasons. Many ideas have been buried, many plans have been aborted and many viable ideas have been wasted. All these could happen as a result of lack of information.

When you have the right information at your disposal you look like a lucky being. Information is so powerful that it could bring things easier to your table.

Let me introduce this site to you I hope it will benefit you, if not useful for you share it with others it could be the missing piece they need to make it in life. The site is

AYEEN means Africa Young Empowerment Nigeria. The site is created to empower and fund viable business ideas. The organizers want to effectively affect the business world especially the entrepreneurial minds of young Nigeria. This site has affected many youths positively by making their dream ideas become a reality.

What you can get from AYEEN
– Free Training
– Mentorship
– Tools and Equipment
– Funding
– etc

I discovered AYEEN during one of their TV shows, many youths were given funds for their business. They will empower your business for a startup or expansion depending on your request.

A university student from Ibadan who packages tomatoes in a can and a lady who branded Garri, Groundnut, and Sugar were funded, and many I can’t mention.

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The beautiful thing about AYEEN is, it comes across all things you can see as business ideas; transportation, food processing, packaging, fashion, waste management, hospitality, agriculture, technology etc

Never let the ideas in you die. That business idea should be rebranded and let the world see your innovation. You have the right information, maximize it and be successful.

Tomorrow, the sites to monetize your skills and talents will be discussed.

To be continued…



Saminu Abass Ola

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