Insignificant Values Every Human Should Possess | By Ayomide Amisu

A couple of times, I’ve asked myself the virtues a good person should possess.
Majorly when we hear this, the immediate factors that run through our minds include forgiveness, kindness, abstinence, integrity, loyalty, etc. However, in the actual sense, it seems to be more than that.

The holy book preaches about forgiveness and kindness. It is good to forgive each other’s mistakes, we should as well be kind to one another. Yes, it is good and safe to practise abstinence, in fact, it is our tradition to praise a person who practises the simple idea of abstinence at the appropriate time.

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Integrity means being truthful/honest to ourselves and others, doing the right thing even in the absence of others. Loyalty could be interpreted as being faithful, loyalty to your spouse, yourself, your relatives etc. These and many more are the commonly described virtues. How about other admirable qualities one might possess which may even seem insignificant to some people.

Do you know that the word ‘sorry’ is one of the magic words which some people find cumbersome to use? The word can be used in different and many contexts. When it comes to an apology, I know how difficult it could be to use the word, being the one to apologise even when you are faultless. Some people believe the word ‘sorry’ should only be used when they’ve wronged someone but this isn’t true. In fact, it takes a real being to say sorry even when he isn’t faulty. It is a rare gift and a great virtue to possess.

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Imagine a marriage where the wife sees it as nothing to apologise to the husband either she is right or wrong. Such marriage will eventually know peace. Let’s leave the submission of the wives to their husbands that the holy book mentioned because not all wives will be like that of the illustration above and the submission of a wife to her husband does not necessarily mean she has to apologise every time but having the free spirit to do it promotes inner peace.


My point is, just possessing that virtue goes a long way. It will provide their marriage with unimaginable peace.

There is no such thing as insignificant virtues, every courtesy shown brings its own reward even if it not immediate. Learn to apologise even when you’re faultless, keep being courteous.


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