MUST READ: 21 Irrefutable Daily Confession

Must Read For Your Daily Confession Before Going Out For Your Routine: 21 Irrefutable Daily Confession

Day 1

As I look across my day filled with deeds undone, give me thoughtful and caring acts which will enrich someone’s today.

Make me kind by my look to brighten down cast eyes, make me cheer the one who failed and cause dim hope to shine.

Don’t let me miss a chance to drop a word and buoy some heart in grief. Make me be a source of relief to the sick soul.

Day 2

As lilies turn to light each day, so Lord. I turn to you. Endow my eyes with insight clear and grant me a true vision.

Enrich my life with purity, that all who gaze on me may see the beauty of your life reflected brightly in me.

Let me this morning do my part to brighten someone’s way and tell the word the light of hope is shining still today.

Day 3

I need you in the morning, Lord when my day is at its start. Don’t let my world be rob of sunshine and fill my heart with your love.

Don’t let my noontide be full of stress and stand near me.

Visit me lord at my twilight, when evening firelight gleams. When I rest in slumber, be my shield.

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Day 4

Don’t let my swift race on earth be done now, don’t let me plod my last mile on earth now. Make me fill some vacant slot on earth and make me play a leading role by giving some life a sense of worth.

When I have mounted up life’s hill and I am looking down the slope. Let me hear some neighbor say because of you I found new hope.

daily confession

Day 5

Give a true meaning to my life today, give me a firm foundation and high dreams for which to strive.

Give me a guiding purpose to keep me straight and strong.

Give me a clear direction to show which way to sail, without this I would fail.

Day 6

Let me not lived this life in vain, when my day is done, whatever pressing needs I face, let me not strive for selfish gain.

Let me be an asset to the world and fight for a noble cause, not for the sake of fame or gold.

Let there be justice for the poor and the oppressed and make this world better for them.

Day 7

Lord, come into my dried up soul and refresh my spirit. Soften my hardened heart and draw near to me.

Lord, enter my darkened soul and light up the gloom inside, destroy the power of sin in me, kill my doubt and fear, and stay close by my side.

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Day 8

Lord, let those with a broken heart be made whole, let those with bruised and wounded pride find healing for their pain.

Let those that are shame and reproach free from it.

Let those with broken hopes and dreams regain their sense worth and give them courage from defeat.

Day 9

Lord, by your helping hand today, revive those who trudge life’s lonesome road without a dream in mind. Lighten up their weary road and surprise them with a caring friend.

Those with sad heart hungering for love, who seek and never find, lift them up, restore their sense of worth and let them look bright because they found someone to clasp their hands.

Day 10

Lord, keep me kind and sweet all day, give to my heart a joyful song. I know I am bound to bear some stress, but keep me, patient, all day long.

Not every face I meet today will greet me with a loving smile, they too are under the weight of care, so keep me, patient, all day long.

Lord, tame my thought and speech today, let me not air things which offend, reframe my tongue from speaking evil and give me patiently till the end.

Day 11

As water shapes into the glass, so lord, I shape into your plan. Touch me and warm my heart with love that I may feel the needs of man.

Employ my hands to feed the poor, my ears to listen to the oppressed, my lips to speak the cheering word and give me sufficient care to lift a little sadness from the word.

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Day 12

As the sky breaks into a ray of beautiful sunshine, let your grace cleanse my sinful soul like early morning dew.

Let every of my thought and each of my desire be subject to your way.

Day 13

I thank God, for a perfect day, I thank God for a perfect calm after the wind and rain.

I thank you for the rainbow arch, your promise in the sky. I shout aloud and sing for the storm has gone.

I thank God that I can smile again after my tears are gone. I look up with hopeful eyes because my toils are done.

Day 14

Although it’s early morning, and mountain peaks look bright, light up my soul this morning lord

Give my life true meaning and peace that will not fail.

Light up my life this morning and shield my soul from strive.

Day 15

I turned my back on yesterday forgetting what it cost, I can not mend the broken dreams or call back the time that’s lost.

I cast all my long time past regrets behind me, for God claimed all my yesterday’s, and gave me today as peace of mind.

Now I can make a brand new start full of hope and newness of life. Now I am free from all guilt and blame.

Day 16

Let me reach the heights of fame, as I try the best I can. Let my deeds be read in books and let me live a trusted man.

Let me gain the far-famed noble prize and let my friend or critic says, here lives one numbered with the wise.

Let me stand tall that I may find no ugly skeletons to hide.

Day 17

Lord grant me this one precious gift, your presence through this day. Take charge of every wish and dream, sift every word I say.

Save me from vanity and pride, and from my selfish greed. Let me today be sensitive to someone’s pain or need.

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Day 18

God keep me calm and sweet all day. If a friend or foe should slight. Save me from my desire to prove how daring I can fight.

Restrain my feet from straying far, stay close within my view. Let my conscience rest today because I live this day with you.

Day 19

I will not plan and wish in vain, I will reach the highest stars, I will not land on the plain.

I will not stumble at any time, I will not suffer shame and pain, my spirit shall conquer. I will fulfill my dreams and attain my purpose.

Day 20

I believe that I am always divinely guided, I believe I will always take the right turn of the road.

I believe that God will always make a way where there is no way for me.

Day 21

I believe today is going to be a wonderful day for me, I believe I can successfully handle all the challenges that may come my way.

I feel good physically, I feel good mentally, I feel good emotionally and I feel good spiritually.


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