Is Life Unfair to You? It is Not Yet Over | By Olamide Olasupo

Why is life so unfair to me? Why are my mates making it while I’m still on the same spot? Is the whole world against me? Why am I always begging before I could eat? All these are the questions popping up in Chigozie’s mind as he was coming back from another interview which he knew was not going to be fruitful as it has always been.

Chigozie graduated with a first-class degree at the University of Benin as an Estate Management. Throughout his days in school, He has always been faithful to God and he has a very free heart who is always willing to help others. His friends call him Pastor because of his hunger for God. He was loved by everybody including Lecturers and his course mates because of his unique intelligence. No one would believe despite his brilliancy, he is yet to secure a befitting job after four years of graduation.

Chigozie is an orphan who has nobody to care for him. His benevolent who sponsored him through University died when he was in the final year. It was through the help of some of his friends and lecturers that he was able to finish higher institutions. Immediately after their youth service, he didn’t hear from anybody again.

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The money he saved while at camp was what he used to rent a room apartment where he stays. At this point in his life, he was tired of everything and even thought of committing suicide but his love for God made him stay focus and never relent.

When there seems no way for him again, he took a job of a housekeeper where he washes and cleanses the house of a very rich man whose wife was lazy. After some time of working with them, the wife started making advances at him which he politely declined.

Is Life Unfair to You? It is Not Yet Over | By Olamide Olasupo

On one occasion, the rich man travelled and it remains only him and the wife at home because the children went to visit their grandma. The woman tried luring him to bed but he refused bluntly. When his boss arrived, the woman lied against him that he tried raping her which made him be sacked. He used the money he had saved to set up a mini telecommunication business.

He was at his shop one day when one of his former classmates ran into him. The guy was depressed because of the condition he met his friend and offered a helping hand. He made his business grow bigger and wider and reawakened his hope again.

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When things seem not right, never relent because such circumstances are preparing you for greater success. Your decision today determine where you’ll find yourself tomorrow. If you’re determined to be rich, my dear, nothing can stop it if you work towards it. Today’s condition shouldn’t limit your desire. If you’re consistent in what you do, God will surely make a way.


Olasupo Mary Olamide is a student at the University of Benin. She is a fervent writer and to an extent a skillful public speaker. She loves watching movies, reading, and staying indoors.

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