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My Pact With The People of Iwo Land (Ayedire, Iwo & Ola-Oluwa) – Musbau Semiu

My Pact With The People of Iwo Land (Ayedire, Iwo & Ola-Oluwa) – Musbau Semiu Ademola (MSA)

The world is a constantly changing place; increasingly things are becoming smaller, faster and better. People are opening new frontiers, creating new things, the ease and speed of information mean that people can make decisions quickly. The demands and needs of these modern electorates have changed a lot in this information age. More and more people will challenge their elected representatives to find quicker and better solutions.

I am a product of this changing world, with proven strengths in administration, interpersonal relationship, effective communication, information and Time management. I am one of the right candidates to keep the door open to opportunity and productivity in this rapidly changing world. Having schooled at St Joseph Primary School, St Stephens Comprehensive High School both in Ado Odo, Ogun state. I later proceeded to Federal Polytechnic Ilaro, Ogun state where I studied Quantity Surveying and was trained by Julius Berger Nigeria Plc. with National Diploma.

Presently studying Entrepreneurship Management Technology in my final year at the Federal University of Technology Akure Ondo State, have come of age at the turn of the century and grasps the problems of the new century. With firsthand information on the challenges facing the constituents of Iwo federal constituency, I am ready to ask the questions that have been silenced in the past, confront the status-quo and ultimately discover new and better solutions to problems of the day.

Armed with an infectious smile, calm demeanour and a quick mind. I will build bridges between the downtrodden in forgotten places to a place of hope and a new opportunity. I will give voice to the disenfranchised, provide agenda to the constituency. My sense of duty and responsibility are evident in all things from being a husband, expectant father, executive, comrade, activist, community developer, grass root person& overall family man. It is the same sense of duty that I will bring to the office as a representative of my people.

I was born into a family of 10, with six sisters and 3 brothers in the 80s. As a well-trained Nigerian of Yoruba extraction with my own high moral values and from a largely Muslim background. While some of my family members are Christians living in peace with their Muslims relatives. My strong sense of being a family young man from a low live family background, community developer and service to humanity task/duty does not allow me to barter with my conscience. I promise to hold my constituents to the same standards, not asking them to take a risk that I cannot justify.

My continuing belief in the strength of community and family led me to return back home and immediately swung into action by belonging to three major non-governmental organizations whose aims and objectives are to see to the wellbeing of the land. I have involved in series of developmental strides in Iwoland in the recent times such as rehabilitation of Ojude Oba bridge and patching of township road from the palace to Adeeke Area in November 2014 led by the then Prince Adewale Akanbi now Oluwo of Iwoland. Rehabilitation of Iwo Osogbo road by Oluwo of Iwoland, Imperial Majesty Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akanbi. Also, the reconstruction of Yidi Oba culvert that was abandoned for years thereby cut off the people of that area from accessing their houses easily.

Moreover, I partook in the school tour aimed at sensitizing our secondary school brothers and sisters organized by Iwoland Development Coalition, phase lifting given to Iwo township roundabout, provision of Mini Health centre for the people of Akinbami village, stressing hands of love to the widows. I have also involved in series of programs organized to educate the people of the land including Iwoland youth conference by my dear brother Comrade Yusuff Mutallub Ola Gold among others.

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My activities in Iwoland politics has acquainted me a clear feel of ideas, governing philosophy and direction of her politics. In the last ten (10) years, I have welcomed series of honest debates and discourses on Iwoland and her development, as I believe there can always be a better way to approach a matter. I will make sure my constituents are actively involved in their own affairs and governance, supporting freedom of information and feedback from my constituents if elected; this is the only way to ensure accountability and complete representation.

My antecedents in Ado Odo where I grew up can’t be either overlooked nor erased by anyone. I grew up in the midst of leaders thereby have the knowledge on how to relate with leaders and elders freely without disrespecting or devalue them in any form. I have been involved in community development in Ado Odo right from my early days in secondary school.

The world continues to surge ahead at alarming speed, people need leaders who move with the times and understand what it takes to reach and pull their people forward. Leaders who have managed and experienced success. Leaders that will challenge the status-quo and seek to find better answers & solutions, and where they can’t ask better questions.

However, I have shown leadership in my personal, professional life and in all atmospheres I found myself. I have a record of management & community stewardship, I am willing to test limits and boundaries and bridge divisions. I have always been one foot ahead of my peers. However, this time will be no different, Mobilize, support and pray for MUSBAU SEMIU ADEMOLA as a member Federal House of Representatives at the National Assembly to represent the good people of Iwoland (Iwo, Ayedire and Ola-Oluwa federal constituency).

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In my primary school, I was the head boy in 1998. I was made the game prefect in a well contested and coordinated debate. My portfolio was the second most crucial, most entertaining and celebrated office in that year.

While in Polytechnic, I was made the special adviser to the then Student Union President on Students welfare, security, and student- management relationship. I was the spokesperson for the departmental student association. Also, I represented the department at the Student Representative Council, faculty level as the chairman budget and allocations. I was the welfare director of the indigenous association and led the coalition that impeached the then president on the ground of misconducts and misappropriation of funds.

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