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OSUN 2018; A Clarion Call To The People Of Iwoland By Ojubanire Youth

September 22 that we will all go to the polls in Osun state is fast approaching, and we need to appraise ourselves to see whether we are ready to go to the polls. Are we ready to make a difference in Iwoland or we are still entangled in the web of the foreigners that have impoverished our land?

Have we woken up from our slumber or we are still enmeshed in the modern slavery these people that invaded our land have put all of us? Are we set to examine the situation of our dear land objectively and sincerely in order make a necessary decision required of all us?

The above questions come to mind when one takes a critical look at recent developments in the political arena of our dear state (OSUN). It is very disheartening to think that some people deliberately subjected our people to abject penury with the aim of taking advantage of that and force our people to do their will. The most painful and unfortunate part of this is that despite the glaring nature of these people’s callousness, our people still fall victim to their evil plot. It puts one to tears to discover that despite the injustice done to us in Iwoland, some people are still fighting tooth and nail to ensure this injustice continues.

In the history of Osun state, Iwoland is one of the very few towns that have been loyal and supportive of the so-called progressives, but what have we gained in return? If one goes through the four corners of Iwoland, one cannot point to any substantial development in the ancient town. Our roads are no longer motorable. We can’t remember the last time we had the water supply.

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Our youths are unemployed. Our economy is in a deplorable state, and the successive administrations in the state have not deemed it fit to ameliorate our situation. We kept enduring this maltreatment hoping that our chance to govern this state and do what is necessary for our land and the state, in general, would come one day.

Then, the greatest injustice was meted out on us, and we were denied the right and the opportunity to get to the seat of power when in all fairness, everyone believed that it is our turn to produce the next Governor of our state. This won’t have been very painful if no son of this town is a party to this act of injustice. WHAT A PITY!

As much as we would like to be liberal, we think that there is no crime in standing up and fight for what rightfully belongs to someone. In fact, the highest level of patriotism that a man can show is to at all cost defend the interest and rights of his fatherland. We are not trying to deny anybody the constitutional freedom of association or the freedom to vote and be voted for.

However, it is important to stress the importance of prioritizing the interest of one’s home above every other interest. Without mincing words, patronizing or prioritizing another person’s possession over one’s possession is not patriotic. Supporting another candidate from another town while one’s brother is also contesting for the same position is an act of unpatriotism.

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Supporting another candidate from another town cannot be as beneficial to us as having our own brother at the helms of affairs. This is because the development of his state, as well as that of his town, will be his priority. Several towns in the state or even across the country have witnessed tremendous developments as a result of having one of their own at the corridors of power. Towns that are not even as big as Iwo are much more developed because of their unity and their patriotism by always protecting the interests of their homes. They rally around their kinsmen unwaveringly not minding their political and religious differences.

It is an indisputable fact that Iwoland is richly blessed with great and wise people but our wisdom and greatness cannot take us there if we can’t pull our resources together and support one of us to become the governor of our dear state. Our greatness and might would be meaningless if we cannot unite and have a common front in our political endeavours.

Comparatively, there is no governorship aspirant for this forthcoming election that can be more qualified and experienced than Alhaji MOSHOOD OSUOLALE ADEOTI (SHEU) because he has everything it takes to become the governor of our state. He is a home-based politician, and he understands exactly what we need as a state. Moreover, he understands our language, our pains and most importantly, he is not an AJELE. He will bring his wealth home and incorporate it into our various communities unlike those cabals taking our wealth elsewhere. Also, he is a cultured man that has a fear of God. He knows how to take care of the old and the young. Adeoti Sheu is our surest and most reliable bet for the forthcoming election.

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In conclusion, we want to appeal to all sons and daughters of Iwoland to come together and support our brother to become the governor of our state. Let us forget our differences politically and religious wise and stand by him to emerge victorious at the polls. The interest of our home should come first before every other interest because our home is our home and nobody can take that away from us. Let us all take it upon ourselves to work vigorously towards ensuring his emergence because if he wins, all sons and daughters of Iwoland win. Let us preach the gospel across every household in Iwoland and Osun state at large.

Don’t let us be deceived by the money bags that believe that they can use the money to buy what rightfully belongs to us at the expense of our development. After all, there is no amount of money they can give us that can ameliorate our condition. Let us remember that whatever we all do today, history will be there to judge us. Let us create an enabling and developed Iwo and Osun for our children and even generations yet unborn. Finally, let us heal the land and make it a better place for us all.




This piece was written on behalf of OMO OJUBANIRE YOUTH FORUM of Gidigbo ward 3, KAJOLA, IWO, OSUN STATE.

For further inquiries, please contact 09058059413 or [email protected]

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