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IwoLokan 2018 Agenda; The Best Candidate For All – Saminu Abass Ola

The steeplechase is on. The 2018 governorship election is near than we ever imagine. The baton will be changed, and power will change hands. The duel among candidates to take over the most coveted sit in the state at Abere seems to be hot with new faces getting set to take up the mantle of Bola Ige House.

However, the mind bugging political question begging for an answer is ‘who is the best candidate for all’? Many individuals are showing their interest to be the number one citizen in Osun State. Interests spanning the different towns and senatorial districts of the state. The electioneering process seems to have gained momentum among the electorates with each candidate using the suffix ‘Lokan’ at the back of their town of birth as the catchphrase on social and print media. With the belief that battle should be left for indigenes of the town as the leadership sits spin around the different parts of the state.

As an indigene and a progressive son of Iwo Land, I, also, like my kinsmen believe the IwoLokan2018 agenda. I vehemently advocate for it. Iwo Land People are agitating and clamouring this is their time. Yes, it is high time Iwo Land came out of the shell to produce the next Governor of Osun State.

Moreover, if we all agreed that IwoLokan is the agenda, the next question is, who fits the cap? Who should represent Iwo land as the next governor? For the dream of IwoLokan Agenda to become a reality, well-respected and illustrious sons of the soil would be the desire of all indigenes of their own land to ensure a capable candidate produced. If we fail to produce a competent flag bearer irrespective of the party for the agenda then otherwise might happen which we pray should not. Any individual that would represent this ancient city must be credible, capable and industrious. Many aspirants have shown their interest; the fact remains that we want an aspirant with no bad or poor precedent.

Furthermore, I believe this is the best time for youth to showcase what they got. I call it the perfect time for youth to manifest the just adopted “Not Too Young To Rule” and take over the structure of governance. Since the inception of democracy in this country, we have been ruled by these old people, who have the Commonwealth of the state to personal coffers. It is high time the youth took over and break the recycling form of leadership as practised by the political godfathers in the state to save the state from collapse. I don’t see anything bad if a youth from Iwo Land can be the next governor of Osun State. If yes the governor should be youth, the question now is, who is that person that fits the cap?

No doubt, those old people in the realm of our political affairs have retarded the growth of the land. Many of these people we have entrusted with power in the past had offered this land nothing good. We have tested them, and they have failed times without numbers.

Therefore, for this beautiful land to flourish regarding everything we need a vibrant and progressive youth to be the next governor. The old structure and system in the political arena must wear a new face. We need a fresh brain to pilot the affair of this state from our dear land. A promising youth is devoid of any atrocity that would develop the nook and cranny of the state. It is time to fight against the usage of old cargoes or cabals to run the affair of this country. Therefore, Osun State should not be excluded. No more to cabals or loyalists to take charge of any political position.

It is quite unfortunate that the ruling elites among which are the current crops of leaders have done us more harm than good. These old people governing the affairs in this country are just rotating or following the path their predecessor laid down instead they amass wealth and impoverished the masses. No innovation to move our dear land forward, the state treasury is emptied to satisfy the political godfathers. While graduates remain unemployed, workers are in abject poverty because of unpaid salaries. For this reason, a fresh ideology is needed, an infusion of ideas, innovations, and invention is vital in the land of virtue. It is time for youth to break down the chain that holds us down.

The victory of agitation and campaign for Iwo son to take over the government house lies in the unity of the ranks and files as far as politics is the concern in Iwoland. If IwoLokan Agenda would be achieved, the so-called rich, powerful, influential and leaders in their respective political parties should fight to get the ticket for Iwo land.

Also, to achieve this important agenda those mentioned above should rally around and support a young and visionary candidate. A person who will reclaim the glory of our land instead of wasting their resources to be the next governor. It is good to have an ambition; however, the interest of the masses should be the priority. Though, it is not possible for the masses to impose a candidate on any political party. However, it is essential for all stakeholders and lovers of Iwo land to put all hands on the desk.

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We need to decide the future now. The future of tomorrow is the youth. Therefore, the future is now. If necessary, a town hall meeting should be called, and all major stakeholders should be called to determine our future. The next governor should be produced in Iwo Land. Though there are some people, who don’t care about the future of this land. It is a shame; some Iwo people are supporting other aspirants from other cities all in the name of money, gifts or benefits. Money or gifts that have been collected for years by these old people have retarded the growth of this land. Iwo Land should be the interest, it high time we stopped mortgaging the lives and future of thousands of people for a bag of rice and money filled enveloped.

The dream to make IwoLokan Agenda a reality can be achieved when there is unison among the young, the old, the rich, the working class and the whole of the town. We care less about the political party that would produce it. However, a chance given to the youth rule is opening the great door of development for our state and Osun will be great again.

Youth are now far more productive than their elders believe. If they rule the world, it would be a better place than before.

IwoLokan must be achieved.




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