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IwoLokan Agenda, The Best Solution For Osun 2018 – FILSU National

IwoLokan Agenda, The Best Solution For Osun 2018 – FILSU National Headquarters Urge.

With a bleeding heart and a sober soul, I put to writing our story of detriment, lacking deficiency and deprivation which has caused us to be retarded amidst our counterparts. I could not say whether I write with ink or I type with a keyboard but I am sure that this piece is made of tears.

Politics is not just a ritual of interest and opinion but an affair of development, leadership, responsibility, and belonging. A political environment that has lost the sense of belonging and a personal sense of responsibility (PSR) is undoubtedly bound to doom and futility as oppression shall dwell within.

A political society that accommodates democracy is better to accommodate it as a whole and in all of its dealing. I still remember it according to Abraham Lincoln as the government of the people, by the entire people governed and for the people being governed and not a specific group of people government upon all the people.

Peripherally, I would have used this piece to agitate for the entire of Osun-west as we have been at the lacking end of the state. However, when sincerity and sympathy calls, there is always a need for precision and specificity. As the Osun state gubernatorial tussle has set itself into the pace, carrying politicians along with its tide and citizens with the wave. It becomes necessary to establish fact and identify the necessity of the people of Iwoland in producing the next governor of the state of the virtues.

Perhaps, it will help in comprehending this piece by digging a little into the political history and status-quo, as well as demographic analysis and landmark importance of the entire Osun State. Particularly, the Osun West senatorial district and specifically Iwo land. It may be a great task to comprehend the essence of the necessity and why the want is needed if the sociopolitical status quo of the noble community is not discussed.

The 2006 census, the most recent counting done in the nation, established that Osun state has a population of 3,423,535 while about 500,000 of this population is covered Iwoland. From the statistics, it is very much obvious that Iwoland is the most populous region with the higher percentage of voters across 28 years old state.

It is a fact that is not deniable that participation of Iwo district in politics and community development is an immense one. That is, our support is what determines the victory or downfall of any political aspirant. In line with this, we have participated severally to usher in the past governors and the incumbent administration of the state of living spring and of the virtue.

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However, it is so disheartening and sardonic that the great empire of Iwoland has never perceived the fragrance of deputy governor not to talk of leading the office of the Governor since the creation of the state in 1991. Even, before the creation of the state while it was still part of the Old Oyo state.

The Osun state representative at the leadership of then Oyo state were purely members if the current Osun East and Central. From axis ranging from Ijesa to Ila-Orangun with the likes of Chief Bola Ige, Pa S. F. Afolabi, and Chief Bisi Akande. It is so much clear that this age of Iwoland marginalization is quantum enough to tell about the marriage of old couples and the suckling of nowadays youth.

Unfortunately for the people of Iwo axis, Osun state since its inception has had Late Senator Isiaka Adeleke of Ede township, Chief Bisi Akande from Ila-orangun, Senator Iyiola Omisorefrom Ife district, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola of Okuku township; Osun central, Erelu Olusola Obada from the East as the governing leaders of the state. It grows more pathetic to state that the incumbent governor of the state, Engr. Rauf Aregbesola hails from the East, Ilesa precisely and has his deputy, Chief (Mrs) Titi Laoye Tomori from Osogbo.

Even, a less deep look into the leadership of this blessed state of ours has revealed a strong marginalization of the people of the West and Iwoland in particular. Sympathetically, I could not remember the senatorial leadership of the west in Iwo town despite being the senatorial headquarter.

It is not worth denying the fact on awareness of the political zoning and sharing ratio in the Osun state politics and Nigeria at large, which in his utility extends to all levels of politicking. However, what is worth zoning at all is worth zoning fairly. Aside from the aforementioned, Sen. Isiaka Adeleke, whose governorship did not last for two years. Osun West has been in total deprivation and you will agree that Iwoland has suffered the worst in the Osun state politics, leadership and development.

Undoubtedly, the Osun state anthem has been dragged on the floor shame and ridicule for it partly reads; ‘Equality of good fortune must be to each sure reward’. I wonder where the good fortune of the people of Iwoland is being kept as that reward is yet to reach us. Egalitarianism is not yet achieved as a watchword when justice and fair sharing are being administered some kind of sleeping dose.

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Justice, according to Sandeep Kumar, is the collective responsibility of a free and just society to ensure that civil and human right is preserved, protected and offered to each individual regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, class, and age. I wonder whether it is justified to let the people of Iwoland enough be marginalized in state politics.

It will be of great importance to state that members of the Iwoland Society have never been passive in politics. Rather, they are active, positive and progressive. It is just unfortunate that political parties of the state are so indecisive and dubious to find it easy to manipulate and extrude Iwoland from the race of governorship. This piece does not plan to launch any personal attack on bodies and personalities. Rather, to solicit sympathy and mercy in the name of justice and fair sharing for the people of Iwoland.

The need remains a want unless justified. The highlighted analysis is much to state why it is a necessity and not luxury for Iwo township to beget the next Governor of the virtuous state. Dear readers, you will agree that marginalization is an oppression that is bound to give birth to suffering and detriments.

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Therefore, I will like to state that the relegation has caused Iwoland to suffer many developmental diseases and growth ailments. Despite being one of the most revenue-generating zones in the state as well as the food-producing region, the fertile society with natural resources and landmark importance.

If the piece allows me, I would have loved to cite physical examples for clarity’s sake. I shall sight this one instance of educational decapitation. “To get a community paralysed, you only need to deny its youth education”.  One of the graviest punishments of politics that a sacred city like Iwoland can suffer from is impeding its educational access.

I have never disbelieved in ability and capacity before now and now. However, the call to serve is a noble one and worth conscious and cautious about. Other regions of the state have flaunted what they possess in culture, moral and selfless service at leadership and political offices. Surprisingly, to the extent of bringing outsiders who are part of them. What can soothe the state in this condition is to give room to the virtuous and conscious people of Iwoland.

I believe a home-based leader, a grassroots politician of the cultural pedigree will find it imperative to hear and understand the masses’ cry, and identify the worth of their desire. Hence, the ability and capacity that could govern this state are obvious in the various Iwoland indigenous politician.

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Absolutely, the deprivation and agitation of the Iwoland masses are manifested and the result of marginalization is glaring. It will be in good aid and rescue if Iwoland can have the chance to the gubernatorial opportunity. On that note, I am imploring all concerned bodies especially political platforms, party leaders and stakeholders and all politicians to do well by presenting governorship aspirants of Iwoland cultural lineage and support ferociously the IWOLOKAN 2018 agenda.

Continuously in the voice of the Federation of Iwoland Students’ Union (FILSU), a body representing over 10,000 students of the great Iwoland. We urge all indigenous politicians of Iwoland to do well in fighting for the survival of the resuscitating and rehabilitating mission tagged: IWOLOKAN2018. This triumph of this agenda is undoubtedly liberation.

With IWOLOKAN, success is achievable.

Signed by:

Abeeb Muyiwa A

National President

Salawu Abubakar

National General Secretary

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