A Swerving Movement: Where Are the Agitators of IwoLokan Agenda?

“It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.” ― William Blake

“Never start a war you can’t fight and as well endure it till the end. Don’t be fooled or scam with the slang ‘Progressive’, nobody is a retrogressive man” – SAAO

“The flame of the burning candle of IwoLokan agenda is nowhere to be found. The pretenders behind the noise of Iwolokan here and there are nowhere to be found”.

Has IwoLokan Agenda 2018 been lost? Has the voice of the IwoLokan is sacrosanct been substituted for Noise?

It is no more news that all political parties had submitted their flag bearers for the forthcoming gubernatorial election to INEC.

The question begging for an answer is, does the Iwolokan song that rented the air a few weeks ago still viable?

The belief of many people in Iwoland was to get the ticket from the major political parties, that is, PDP or APC. Though they were resolute to support and vote for any political party that gives their son the ticket. Unfortunately, the two popular political parties in Nigeria have denied Iwoland the opportunity for representation in the forthcoming gubernatorial election.

One thing is certain, Iwoland lost the ticket from the parties as a result of lack of insight, poor planning and miscalculations. Above all, the sons and daughters of the soil at the corridors of power also sold and betrayed us. Don’t be surprised that those people you think were working effortlessly up there to realize the dream of Iwolokan were the one who sold and betrayed the agenda.

I heard some elders and leaders saying, some aspirants did not inform them properly. Some political leaders were waiting for official or back doors visitations before they could have rendered the help in their custody. Some aspirants who backed down before the primary elections couldn’t support their kinsmen in the race yet they supported outsiders over their brothers all in the name of he did not call me. Above all, we have lost the game in both major political parties.

No doubt, we still have the sons of the land in other political parties that are eligible to be voted for come September 22, 2018. That is, the hope of Iwo sons contesting in the Guber election is alive. The question now is, what are the chances of winning?

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The chances of winning can only be decided by the electorates. Pitiable enough, those who took the gospel of spreading Iwolokan is sacrosanct are nowhere to be found. Those who coloured the city and social media with voices, songs, articles and press conferences are nowhere to be found. I cry for the land called Iwoland, the highest level of hypocrisy on a display.

In my previous piece I tagged “OSUN 2018 AND IWOLOKAN AGENDA: An open letter to all Iwoland sons and daughters”, I categorised the Lokan Agenda into three; The IwoLokan, The ourselves Lokan and The pocket Lokan. I warned that not all that are shouting Iwolokan really have the good intent for the agenda. To the true sons and daughters of the land, it can be the party A or party B, all they want is the actualization of Iwolokan.

On the other hand, the second category of “ourselves Lokan”, are those type of people also hiding under the umbrella of Iwolokan but have the ulterior motive aside from the agenda. All that they care for is their sole agenda.

While the last category of people is the “my pocket Lokan”, they only believe in enriching their pockets. They don’t care about the city nor the people, all that they want is the stipend or position they will be given.

Eventually, the categories above have been justified. During the course of this agenda, I told some youths shouting here and there “Don’t start a war you can’t fight, endure and see the end.”

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Today, Iwoland is divided in the political sphere. The ranting here and there are unpleasant. Those who were shouting Iwolokan 2018 have changed their dancing steps. Though I am not blaming anybody for the decision taken because we all have freedom of participation. You can choose to be either here or there. However, history will not forget you that you are a Judas.

Back to the men of parties, I mean the loyalists to political parties and party leaders. Yes, you have made your decisions. You have chosen to stick with APC or PDP, therefore, stop throwing shades at your brother contesting from another platform. We should note, it is easier to forgive an outsider than someone who is an insider.

I understand that many of those that stick with either APC or PDP did it for nothing except for their personal benefits. Should I say selfish interest over the masses’ interest? Many at the corridors of power knowing fully since the beginning of the struggle of Iwolokan Agenda that it will be unrealizable with their party because the boss at the top has told them. Nobody is crucifying you, it is smart to defend the source of your earnings. It is essential to support the decision of your leaders, but don’t crucify the son of the land.

Playing the dirty political games could bounce back on you and this could give outsiders the audacity to degrade Iwoland. A few days ago, one Wale Alabi of R-Connect insulted the entire Iwoland and her people. Imagine, what could have given him the audacity to do that? I guess, the elders from Iwoland and youths working for the present government have sold us to them cheaply. Play your games, canvass for your principal and stay off of the dirty game.

This is a political game, many people were bought and many will still be bought soon. Don’t be offended to see those who were agitating for Iwolokan changing the style. Some youths have suddenly turned to social media politicians to defend their principals. It is good to work for the money you are paid but you should learn to caution yourself, everything you do today is documented for the future reference.

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Some youths are even contemplating to show where they belong, they are afraid of being banished. However, don’t be surprised that some youths have decided to glue with their political parties despite the injustice Iwoland received. I understand the fact that, they are protecting the future ambition they have got. Some of the youths that paraded themselves as the agitators of Iwolokan Agenda kept mute because their ambition could be jeopardized. One thing is, respect those that are still spreading the gospel of Iwolokan. Your ambition to present Iwoland at the State Assembly, House of Representative etc will be decided by Iwo people, not your boss. Never make enemies from your land because of the election that will come and go.

Finally, to those who still believe in the dream to make IwoLokan Agenda a reality, keep on pushing. Work hard to meet the young, the old, the rich, the working class and the whole state to tell them what your candidate has for them. Trading of insulting or abusive words don’t count to votes.

Don’t let anybody discourage you with the platform you are running on. No political party is a saint, we don’t even have sane political parties in Nigeria; we only have platforms to contest for political positions. Winning an election depends on the votes you can amass. Avoid the distractions, propaganda, and stay glue on the mission.

The final word is, history will never forget anybody. Posterity shall judge all of us.


Saminu Abass is a motivational writer and content publisher. He is also a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife. Also, he is passionate about Social Marketing. He believes in the abilities of others and tends to bring out the hidden potentials in people’s lives through his motivational articles and words of inspiration.

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