Hacked or Sold For $2k? Who is Justin Sun With APC’s Twitter Handle?

The official Twitter account of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Nigeria, @APCNigeria, was hacked on Saturday. The account of the ruling party was hacked by a name Justin Sun. The handle’s name has been changed at least 3 times with “APC F*ck, Just Sun, Electra Coin (ECA) and currently with the name John McAfee”.

That is, the APC twitter account is currently being used to trade cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin and Ethereum by Justin Sun.

Justin Sun Bought or Hacked APC Twitter Account Justin Sun Bought or Hacked APC Twitter Account Justin Sun Bought or Hacked APC Twitter Account








Who is Justin Sun? The account name has been changed to Justin Sun, who claims to be based in San Francisco, United States. Justin Sun graduated from Hupan University as the program’s first millennial graduate. Sun also received his diploma from Principal Jack Ma and updated him on the latest developments at #TRON. Justin is also a contributor to the popular site Forbes and a comprehensive profile on LinkedIn.

Tron was founded in September 2017 by a Singapore based non-profit organization called the Tron Foundation.

In addition to founding the TRON project and TRX currency, Justin Sun is also the former Chief Representative for Ripple (XRP) in Greater China. A handful of detractors have tried to manipulate this into Sun claiming that he was CEO of Ripple.

According to The Independent Republic, Sun has not only been a figure in the crypto-space but is recognized as an industry leader in technology and software development. He has made the list of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in Asian Consumer Technology and hails from one of China’s most selective business-focused institutions: Hupan University.

“Sun has also been accused in the past of over-hyping announcements and partnerships related to his currency. Creating false excitement in investors which leads to TRX being overvalued and dropping in price. Some have called for Sun to take a back-seat approach in leading the TRON project, allowing the technology to stand on its own merit.”

Justin Sun Bought or Hacked APC Twitter Account

Also, the hacker claimed that someone he identified as “Nigerian president” sold the official Twitter handle of the ruling party to him for $2,000. According to the tweet, Justin Sun said the President sold the account that has over 700,000 followers to him just $2,0000 because the president needs money. He even threatened if the president fails to pay him $100,000 he will reveal all correspondence for the world to see.

Justin Sun Tweeted: “If the president of Nigeria does not pay me $100K, I’ll post all the correspondence here, and the whole world will see it.”

Reacting the hacking account of APC. Some Nigerians were shocked, read the reactions.

Mankajuola; “How the fuck did you manage to buy the official twitter account of the ruling party of the most populous black nation for $2000? I don’t believe you”

Engr. Adamu Hayatou; “It serves them right, this hack or whatever is timely and necessary. You hand party to people that belong in the museum. Zero official presence on social media. Let’s enjoy the tragicomedy. Mr sun @APCNigeria, please buy us all and turn us into Bitcoins.”

Fat Belly Nyeye; “They’ve sold the @APCNigeria handle for $2000. Waiting for when they’ll sell Nigeria to Canada so we can all move there.”

Moreover, the official handle account of Justin Sun on Twitter is seen to be active 7 hours ago. From the real account Mr. Justin, he is launching his cryptocurrency digital world which needs a huge amount of dollar to set in as well.

Justin Sun Bought or Hacked APC Twitter Account

What we could gather was that the handle is not the official handle of the APC. Though it has been acknowledged by many members of APC on several tweets. It is learned that the person uses the APC name to register while negotiate with the APC party to buy at an amount which the party doesn’t want to pay. He then decided to sell it out at the rate of $2,000 to Justin Sun.

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However, though an APC spoke person has reacted to the hacking of the account. Bolaji Abdullahi said the account in question is not the official account the All Progressive Party (APC). He also said the party has disclaimed the handle on several occasions. Many Nigerians have reacted this occurrence. No official statement from the ruling party (APC) to report any hack of its official account.

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