3 Key Instagram Marketing Tips | By Tunny Ogunnowo

3 Key Instagram Marketing Tips You Must Know To Grow Your Business | By Tunny Ogunnowo

Instagram can also help you grow your brand and introduce new products. Instagram users spend huge time searching for a brand on the platform. Also, Instagram allows you to market your brand and product in a friendly and authentic way without difficult sales to your customers.

1. Understand your audience:

Your audience is the reason you are active on Instagram in the first place. Without them, your Instagram page won’t be buzzing with those likes, comments, repost and other actions that can bring about increased awareness, sales and profile for your business.

Understanding your audience, their behaviour, the kind of content they like, when they’re mostly online is paramount because knowing these will guide you on what to post, when to post, how to post etc.

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2. Add Call-To-Action:

The truth is, people want to be told what to do when they see your content else they’ll just consume your content and move on. You want them to click a link in your bio? TELL THEM. You want them to subscribe to your channel on Youtube? TELL THEM. You want them to contact you? TELL THEM. You need to be clear on what you want them to do after consuming your content.

Instagram Marketing Tips

3. Use relevant Hashtags:

Now hashtags perform 2 important things for your posts.

a. They help in documenting your post when you use hashtags unique to your brand (eg your brand name).

b. They help you amplify your voice when you use other hot hashtags that are related to your post or brand.

The ideal thing is to use RELEVANT hashtags, not just any hot hashtag that comes to your mind. Your hashtags must be hot and relevant to your brand.

I hope these Instagram Marketing tips will be helpful?

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