Learn To Be on A Lonely Ride To Achieve What People See Unachievable

Meditation lonely ride

Learn To Be on A Lonely Ride To Do What People See as Difficult By Olamide Yakub Lateef

Breaking out of the norms requires a lot of self-assessments; to check and balance your mental state and things that might have influenced you in the past into believing in what you believe today or becoming what you’ve become and you’re things gradually becoming.

To believe in what others find difficult to digest or to actually understand is a great deal for the brain and mind and it’s not an easy task. Nothing good comes easier. You must be strong and be ready to be a lonely ride to achieve your set goals or objectives.

It is always a lonely ride, 99% of the cases have always reported being a very lonely ride for the vector of such ideology or ideologies. To believe in the things that people find difficult to understand and act accordingly to your beliefs is a great deal and if you do, you are strong.

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If you have a different ideology to what others believe in, check deep, assess yourself, and if the ideology does not hurt anyone in whatever way then proceed but if it does, kindly stripe yourself off the idea. It is better you’re a good person with a lost idea than the worst person with an executed idea.

Understand that to appreciate the simple things in the world is to love yourself. Teach yourself the attitude of loving yourself and do not let that turn you to become so selfish that you don’t love the world in the end. Do good to your neighbours even if they are just leaves and animals.

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