DAY 12: Change The Old Mentality; Learn New Skills

“If you can’t discover your talents, learn new skills and live a fulfilled life.”

“When the ultimate search for talents’ discovery yields no good result learning of new skills should be the next adventure.” – Saminu Abass Ola

The best way to leverage your leisure time is to learn a new skill.

I have been discussing the Nigeria atmosphere for the youths, the discovery of talents and the way out. Yes, education is the light and power, yet, education without learning new skills could be a waste.

The Nigeria we are is not enough to graduate and get automatic jobs. Even if you are the best brain in your class, it guarantees no automatic employment. The best you could get is the favour of God.

No doubt there are deserved jobs for qualified candidates in the market. However, the number of graduates outclass the employment in the market.

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Also, the course we read while in school becomes irrelevant when the right job is not coming to our table. You see a graduate of engineering applying for the position of a Sales Rep. You could see a graduate of Biology or Geology in an organization as a receptionist, etc.

Successful people dedicate their leisure time to learn new skills. Don’t spend all your time in front of the TV watching movies. Don’t spend your precious time on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or Twitter without learning new things. The mentality of waiting for the jobs that are no available should be changed.

It is pertinent to try your best by applying for any opportunity you get. However, it is essential to learn new skills and add values to yourself. You might be not talented but you shouldn’t be lazy as well not to be hardworking.

New skills that relate to your field of study could boost your career. You can as well learn skills that would pave the way to be a successful entity in life. Though it requires efforts, it will consume time and you will benefit it at last.

There are many skills you can learn in this technology era we are. Some skills have turned to be a universal grade and you can work anywhere with them. Let me give you an example, graphics designing.

Learning graphics designing is a hot cake in the world market today. Almost every company or organization needs a graphic designer. We are in the world of Graphics, no company, bank or entity can do without graphics. The good thing about new skills is that you will be rendering services. It is a service you can do within hours and make your earnings.

There are many other skills you can learn, capitalize on them and monetize them. The desired job might not come on time, you don’t need to be an idle being at that moment.

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There are many things you can learn at your leisure time. By God’s grace, tomorrow I will highlight numbers of skills you can learn and still monetize it on various platforms online.

Learning new skills can be fun-filled, useful and still add values to your life. Learning is a long-term career goal process. When you achieve one goal, set your eye on the next big one. That is how to make learning new things part of your normal routine.

To be continued…


SAMINU Abass Ola

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